Anne And Linda Become Party Sisters
07-02-2020, 01:20 AM,
Anne And Linda Become Party Sisters
My name is Anne. If you read my last story I became best friends with Linda. Her fiance Joey D fucked me at his bachelor party. I worked at the bar and served his party. He was cellphone camera caught fucking me and recorded trying to arrange to have me available to him after he married Linda. The party and what he said to me was sent to Linda by his friends. Linda took everything she saw and heard very upset. You know what she did.<br/><br/>After the bachelorette party Linda and I hung out at her apartment Saturday and Sunday. Linda's mother Joan called her. She said, "she was staying the week. She said she called my father telling him she was flying home next Saturday as she wanted to spend more time with me. However she had connected with 2 black male strippers at my party. They are with her at her hotel room. She said she was addicted to black cock love."<br/>My mother is 43, 5'6″, long blonde hair, blue eyes, petite, 36d, and is considered by men as MILF.<br/>I told my mother, "Anne and I have arranged on Monday to go to the Tattoo Shoppe. After my fucking a black stripper at my bachelorette party I wanted a tattoo like Anne's. A Queen of Spades. I told my mother what it signifies. It basically means the woman prefers black cock love."<br/>My mother said, "I want one too."<br/>I told her "we would come to the hotel at 10AM and afterward we would go shopping."<br/><br/>Monday morning at 10AM we kept our appointment at the Tattoo Shoppe. "Joan and Linda had a Queen of Spades tattoo. It looks like a playing card spade♠️ With a Q in the center.<br/><br/>I had a body piercing appointment. I picked my favorite jewelry with the help of the shop owner's sister. Her name is Maria. I had my tongue, lip, nipples, belly button, clit and pussy lip pierced. Maria was my artist. She was gentle and perfect in her work on me. She said,"the man that I share my body with will never let me go because of the pleasure I will give him." Afterwards I felt some soreness and sensitivity. I went shopping with Linda and her mother anyway. I was determined to enjoy the day with the girls.<br/><br/>I live on Charles's estate. I still work for him at Chaz's Club and Bar Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights part time.<br/>I am a barista. I invited Linda and her mom Joan to party the nights I work there. I will party with them while working at the bar.<br/><br/>Joan connected immediately at the Club. She is beautiful and a Hotwife. Her wedding rings are a thing of attracting a lot of cock. She left with three black lovers. She took them to her hotel room. One of the guys made a call and 6 more guys showed up at her room. Joan realized it will be her first gangbang at the age of 43. The guys wanted to fill her holes. There was no discussion. Just black cock love. She would be constantly having her clit, pussy, nipples stimulated. She would be loved with kissing and French kissing. Joan would be fucked for hours. She sucked cock continuously to keep stimulating these young black men's cocks. She never had so much cock in her ass banging her. They double stuffed her pussy with squirting copious cum. They also fucked her ass and pussy multiple times causing her to orgasm more times than she could count. They all fucked her bareback. They transformed Joan into a black cock whore. Before she would fly home to her husband she would be shared by the 3 guys she dated with other guys Friday all day. She would be a changed woman when she returned to her husband. She would need and want more cock than he could provide.<br/><br/>Linda and I are known as the "Party Sisters." As the night continued at the Club we connected with 6 Spanish speaking businessmen. Ramon spoke very good English. The other guys were not as fluent but understood a little. We danced with the guys. They bought us drinks and I reciprocated "on the house" as I made the drinks. The guys invited us to their hotel suite. They bought 4 bottles of Tequila to take back to the hotel. Linda and I met them at the hotel.<br/><br/>The guys had the Presidential Suite. They poured us tequila shots. They drank and snorted lines of coke. They passed us a joint to share. Linda and I were ready for a wild night. We were taken to the bathroom to prepare ourselves. We showered together. We stimulated each other with our fingers and tongue. We are ready to party. The men were in the large living room. We walked naked into the middle of the room. They applauded and whistled as we turned slowly so they would see our beautiful bodies. Our shaved pussies had their attention as well as our flawless skin and beautiful breasts. They had us go to the master bedroom that had a king size bed. They told us to prepare for oral sex. We laid across the bed on our backs with the back of our heads slightly over the edge of the mattress. When the men came into the room they were surprised how we were positioned on the bed. Our bodies were completely available to them. Our mouths were open to accommodate their cocks. Ramon ask me, "what are you doing?"<br/>I replied, "I told him it's a way to perform deep throat fucking." I took his cock with my hand and guided it through my lips, into my mouth and down my throat. He fucked my throat and told the other men it felt like he was fucking pussy. Linda had her mouth stuffed with cock. Both of us were throat fucked and having our mouths squirted with cum. Afterwards the men laid with us stimulating our clits, pussies with their fingers and tongues. Linda and I sucked their cocks. We stimulated them to full erection to fuck us again and again. The men made love to us while they fucked us. They whispered Spanish words of love. They kissed and French kissed us. They licked, sucked our breasts and nipples. They sucked and licked our bodies making love marks on our skin. They liked my body jewelry and how I used my tongue piercing to stimulate their cocks. My clit ring stimulated me to have orgasms and my pussy rings stimulated them.<br/><br/>Linda and I were fucked until 3AM in the morning. We were exhausted. The guys finally stopped the cocaine. They also slept. Linda and I slept until 7AM. I had set the alarm clock in the room I had been moved to during the night to be fucked. The men had separated Linda and me to fuck me more. Men like me because I'm 5'2″ with big breasts. They like my little girl looks. Especially with large breasts and a little bubble butt.<br/>We showered, dressed and we put on a change of clothes we had brought with us. We started to leave the suite when Ramon asked us, "why we're leaving?"<br/>Linda replied, "we are taking my mother to the airport. We must leave now."<br/>Ramon said, "the men appreciated dating you ladies. They will be sad that you had to leave. Here are two envelopes with cards thanking you for a beautiful evening. The men would like your cellphone number."<br/>We thanked Ramon for the cards and gave him our cellphone number. We opened the cards and found them stacked with $100 dollar bills. Upon that we left the hotel to get Linda's mother Joan at her hotel. Linda called her mother to assure her we are on the way.<br/><br/>We arrived at the hotel in 15 minutes. Linda's mom Joan was at the lobby waiting. Linda helped her mom with the luggage. Finally we are on our way to the airport which is one hour away. We are all exhausted from a night of fucking.<br/>Linda asked her mother Josn, "how her stay was at the hotel with her guys?"<br/>Joan said, "I fell in love with the 2 black male strippers at your bachelorette party Linda. After the party I invited them to stay with me at my hotel suite. They brought another stripper from the party to stay with us. They taught me how to be a black cock whore. They fucked me morning, noon and night. They passed me around when they wanted me. They called 6 more guys to share me with. I believe a total of 20 guys were in my suite before the gangbang was over. I so love those guys. They made love to me. They kept my clit and pussy stimulated. I miss them already. They taught me how to love and be loved. I want more, Linda."<br/>Linda replied, "what about Dad?"<br/>Joan said, "your father isn't going to change. He can't provide the love that the guys gave me. I will find a way to meet my needs and not hurt your father."<br/><br/>We arrived at the airport early and we were to able have coffee and breakfast. After breakfast I shopped at the airport stores so Linda and Joan would have a family discussion.<br/><br/>Joan told Linda, "before going on vacation there were two young executive black men who had approached her at the company cafeteria. They are with the other company in a professional building. She was surprised but appreciated the attention, They gave her their business cards and wrote their private cellphone numbers on it. They want to take her to a 5 star restaurant. She told them when she returned home she would call them. She said while she was at the Club with me and Anne, Richard called her. He had nice things to say to her. I ended my call with Richard telling him I needed him when I come back home.<br/>He said, "we will be here for you."<br/>Linda replied, "I guess we are all seeking that special love we found at my almost bachelorette party."<br/>Joan laughed saying, "I never in million years would have learned about BBC love if you hadn't had that party."<br/>Linda and her Mom hugged and cried. The announcement was made about boarding the plane. Joan, Linda, Anne hugged and kissed. Mom was on her way to the plane.<br/>Joan said, "she would call when she got home and she loved them both."<br/><br/>Linda's Mom Finds More BBC Love while Party Girls Party.. cont'd

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