Fantasies of a cuckold hubby
12-13-2018, 02:40 PM,
Fantasies of a cuckold hubby
Hi everybody,

Its erotic to show ones nude wife to other male and make his cock hard.
How many of us have this guts? to show our wife nude to others?
If not in reality we can post here the pictures of our nude wives and enjoy.

Waiting for the fantasies and pictures

12-13-2018, 03:03 PM,
RE: Fantasies of a cuckold hubby
We were on a long drive and she felt urgently to pee. Next hotel was a little far so stopped at a nearby bush on the highway and asked her to pee behind that.
She went there and in afew seconds cam running screaming with her saree raised and panty lowered. 
I was stunned at her looks she was completely showing her pussy and ass.
I went there to see and it was just a small baby snake crawling and she was afraid of that. We had forgotten that we were standing on high way. Many buses and trucks were slowly moving watching my nude wife. Suddenly a suv stopped nearby and it was full of college boys.
They were whistling and clapping and shouting   hi sexy.. awesome asss what a nice pussy show ur boobs too. May i fuck you?
 all these were the shouting from the car.
then she realised her state and felt very shy. lraised her panty lowered her saree and ran to car and sat inside. i too sat and started driving. Luckily those guys went away screaming and whistling.

Then i asked her  how u felt she felt shy and said you wanted me to show to other male no? today its done r u happy.
I asked her how u felt? she said hmmm i liked those whistles and applauds I am feeling more sexier am i really so much sexy?
This was our first unexpected incident and we started to show off then to other male intentionally.
04-25-2019, 01:26 PM,
RE: Fantasies of a cuckold hubby
no takers or nobody dares enough?
Come on real men share your adventures or if nothing is there atleast your fantasies.
04-27-2019, 10:54 AM,
RE: Fantasies of a cuckold hubby
Second incident happenned in a water theme park

We were there for fun and in the pool. My wife was wearing saree. But for the pool saree is not allowed so she changed into  leggings and top.which we had taken from home.. The artificial pool with tides opened at 4 pm and we were into it. 

The water was rushing so gustily that we couldnot withstand that and she fell down in the pool.She completely got wet and then i lifted her and came to the side. I saw everybody staring at her. I wondered and looked at her and saw that her cream coloured leggings was completely wet and her bikini was clearly visible. 

She was wearing cream coloured bikini and the leggings had stuck to her ass crack and her bums were also visible.It was an awesome scene. Then I took her to the changing room. On the way all the people particularly college boys were after her watching her swinging ass. It appeared as if she was walking nude. She felt very shy but I felt very proud and hard also.

I could see many hard cocks on the way to changing room.

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