Friends Became Lovers - Part 1
09-07-2023, 03:25 PM,
Friends Became Lovers - Part 1
Hi Friends .. I am Saurabh from Hyderabad. I am an avid reader of XXX Stories for the last few years. It has taken a lot of time for me to gather courage to post this story. Without wasting much time lets jump on the story. I am sorry for any mistakes or for the lengthy story in advance ..

I am an average guy with a decent personality, now aged 30 years. This story is about me and my school friend, Keerthi (name changed). We were in the same school from 2nd to Xth standard. Being the only 2 north Indians in the entire class, our friends used to link us a lot, which both of us always ignored. We never spoke till tenth standard, though we had equal crush on each other. 

Fast forward 2 years and I was busy with my CA studies. One fine day, one of my friends asked me to handover some notes for her reference, nearby my training office. When I went to handover the notes, I was shocked to see Keerthi with her. 

My friend got to know that we were school friends from Keerthi as they had done a 15 day training together. Through her she enquired about me and informed that we were from same school. On the pretext of borrowing notes, our common friend connected both of us, for which, I shall be thankful for the entire life.

Since then there was no looking backSmile

We exchanged numbers and slowly our friendship grew. 

We studied CA together and both of us qualified with decent marks. During these three years even though we were attracted towards each other, we never confessed. 

As our chats increased we became more open and started speaking about personal stuff, clothes, choices etc., and the chats turned into late night chats. The chats soon turned into romantic ones and there came a day when we started sexting each other over WhatsApp. 

The chats used to start at 10 PM in the night and would go on till 3 AM in the night. We used to make out like there is no tomorrow. 

However, we were not contended with just the chats. We wanted to see each other face to face, touch skin to skin, kiss lip to lip and smooch tongue to tongue. Being from orthodox families, we dint know how and where to meet but we wanted to taste each other. 

Our desperation led us to Golconda Fort, a famous tourist spot in Hyderabad. After roaming around for a while like lovers, we found a secluded spot. It was our first moment of closeness. We looked into each others eyes and hugged. An electric current passed through my body as her boobs crushed on my chest. I kissed all over her face on eyes, cheeks, chin, ears except the lips .. 

Our Lips were thirsty but we had no courage to quench the thirst. Our hands were locked in each other hands as we moved out of the secluded spot.. We were walking very close to each other as we saw other tourists enjoying the fort. We sat on a nearby stone and were silent. Who knew .. 2 classmates for last 12 years wanted to taste each others saliva and involve in a lusty session.

I made her sit on my lap. As she took her arm around my neck, our lips approached and we gave each other a small peck.

Friends, when two lips meet its the best moment of life. I am sure there are many readers who believe that foreplay is more spicier than having sex. I am one of them !!

We had our first kiss (not a smooch). The first kiss led to many small kisses at the fort. Like every college boy, even I had a dream of riding a girl back to her home on a two wheeler and enjoying the touching of the boobs over a speed breaker. After two speed breakers she understood my intentions, and she herself came close to me and crushed her boobs on my back ... 

College Dreams Fulfilled, Life is complete is what i had thought Tongue 

Our desperation increased day by day and our sex chats had taken a next level. We were looking for a right opportunity and a right place to feel each others skin.

After a lot of wait and not finding an appropriate place, I had called her to my office (where CA training is done) on a Saturday when only  I was working at the office. Its a cozy place with 2 cabins. On that evening, there were butterflies running in my stomach. I knew this evening would be a special one. 

My office was in a busy market place on a second floor. It had a shutter like a commercial shop.

 K: Hi 

S: Hi, found the office easily ?

K: Yes. Except climbing the two floors

S: Let me shut the office door and switch off the lights inside so that no one can make from outside that the office lights are on

We had a quick normal chat before which she started to grow a little impatient

K: Baat karne ke liye bulaye ? (Have you called me just to talk  ?)

S: Haan, aur kya. (what else do you think)

K: Ok Me jaati hu fir.. (Ok I ll leave in that case). Saying this she started to go towards the door. 

I made her sit on the chair and came closer to her. She was comfortable with me and so was I . We were sitting on chairs adjacent to each other 

K: Jo bhi karna hai jaldi karo. (Pls do whatever we are waiting for) Mujhe office jaana hai.. (I ave to leave for office). Of course she dint mean to leave so soon. 

S: Me he kyu karu ? (Why always me first ?) 

K: You never have a choice. It has to be always you first !

As the above sentence completed, our lips met. I caught her lower lip and started giving slight sucks on it.. It was divine .. It was heavenly !! Never in my life I had thought that a kiss would be so wonderful ... 

We paused for a minute looked into each other eyes and lip locked again. This time it was a more intense without involving our tongues. 

We were kissing like couples and the kiss turned into smooch. I took my tongue inside her mouth which she gleefuly accepted. Our tongues touched , hugged and tasted each other. 

Entire office was filled with the slurpy sound of our smooch. We wanted to stop and look at each other but our lips and tongue dint allow ... We licked each others saliva through our tongues and this was the best moment of my life... 

We paused for a fraction of a second ... I started to kiss her cheecks and slowly lick her neck .. 

This is when i heard the most beautiful sound ... Ahhhhhh (she moaned) .. It drove my crazy ... 

I licked her neck with more passion and she hugged me tightly. As her grip got firm on me I slowly took my hand on her waist under her salwaar. I felt her bare skin on her waist. A divine feeling passed through me as my hands touched her waist. 

While doing this i made her stand against the wall , tongues back to licking each other, right hand on her waist and chest crushing with her boobs. It was a moment which has freezed in my memory forever. 

Slowly, i took my hands upwards and inside over her bra. As i cupped her right boob with my hand, a moaning sound came through her lips and we separated our lips and tongues. We looked into each others eyes and knew what was to follow. However it was little difficult for me to reach the destination both of us wanted to .. her nipples !!

We smooched once again like there is no tomorrow.. Her tongue felt tastier and her skin felt smooth. Her boobs felt soft and her lips felt delicious. While my tongue was busy smooching her, my hands found way to reach inside her bra and I squeezed her boobs for the very first time. Both of us wanted the time to freeze ...  While i enjoyed smooching her, squeezing her .. I was more aroused by her moans. I am sure she would have felt my boner. 

We paused for a moment and both of us knew what next step would be. She realised it was too difficult for me to do on my own. As such she helped my lips reach her nipples by pulling her top upwards. within a fraction of a second her beautiful nipple was in front of my eye waiting to be sucked and loved. 

I wanted to have some fun as such Instead of kissing or sucking her nipples, i started moving my fingers around her beautiul nipple. She was desperate to get sucked while I was playing with her nipple. She grabbed my hair and guided my mouth towards her nipple. I wasted no time and gave both of us the pleasure of sucking the softest creation of god (a woman's breast). Both of us went mad and she let moaning sounds from her mouth which still whispers in my ear .. 

This was followed up by some serious romance which I shall be sharing in the next part. 

PS: Both of us are married to some other person now. However we remain in touch with each other and are best friends. 

Meanwhile, any married woman looking for discreet fun in Hyderabad can mail at [email protected]

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