Friends With Benifits
03-01-2022, 11:31 PM,
Friends With Benifits
Hello Friends How are you all? Hope you all are having fun and enjoying a loveable company of your family, friends and loved ones, I'm your friend and host Shreya Ghoshal Fucker presenting a brand new sex fantasy story of one of the most beautiful, hot and sexy lady on Earth and a famous playback singer of India and her name is, Shreya Ghoshal. 

Hope you all will love my concept. 

So without wasting time let's start.

03-04-2022, 04:47 PM,
It was a beautiful day in Mumbai. Shreya Ghoshal was at her home. She didn't have any recordings today. Her Dad Mr. Biswajit Ghoshal was watching news in living room and Mom Mrs. Sharmistha Biswajit Ghoshal was making breakfast in kitchen. Shreya was watching cricket match in her room and as always her mobile phone was with her.

Shreya was busy in watching match then suddenly her mobile phone started ringing. Shreya looks at her phone to see who is calling her. A name was reflecting on screen and the name was,


Shreya see that name and understood who is he. She was quite surprised to see that name. She didn't expect his call today. She thought,

“Why is he calling today? Our meeting is scheduled for the last weekend of month. Then why is he calling today? Usually he never calls maybe something is very special today. Oh God! Does he not want to prepone the meeting? Don't know he must get some free time today and he wants to enjoy! God knows what has happened? But I can't talk to him in the presence of my parents. What to do? Yes Mom Dad are going to market at noon I shall call him then but before that I have to inform him”

She disconnects the call and send an SMS to inform him that she is unable to talk to him at the moment.

She wrote,

“Sorry for disconnecting but I'm busy, can't talk at the moment, Mom Dad are at home, will call you at noon, please don't call, have some patience and wait for my call”

She didn't have to wait for long. She got an instant reply from other side,

“As you wish babe, don't be sorry, I can understand, call me when you get time, sorry if I disturbed you, in wait for your call, your one and only Fucking Cheetah, love you babe ?? bye”

Shreya read that reply and start smiling she sends some ?????? in reply and start watching match again.

Who was this IN-ALDAD LAHSIV? What is his connection with Shreya Ghoshal? Why Shreya couldn't talk to him in the presence of her parents? And why they were sending love emoticons to each other? What was the whole matter?

Let's find out.

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