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Fucked Muslim Lady
01-13-2021, 07:12 PM,
Fucked Muslim Lady
Please Note: This is a very long story as i have mentioned all the facts, conversations and what’s app chats in detail. Will share the entire story in Parts
 As you know i have enjoyed 2 pussies in my life. I enjoyed being with mom and my maid servant for many days now. We tried many kinky ideas and enjoyed our sex lives. But mother is a mother, my mom wanted me to get married and settled. She promised me that she will continue giving me sexual pleasures even after my marriage secretly whenever possible. Let’s continue with the new part of story now....
My mom started forcing me that i should start my own office instead of sitting at home and doing the business, she wanted me to start a office and expand my share trading business and fetch some new clients so that it will be easy get good wife as a partner for life.
I accepted my mom’s request and started to search for small office nearby my residence. I contacted few brokers and gave them my requirement and soon in 2-3 days i got a call from a lady called Heena Shaikh
Heena: Hi Sir i am calling from Lions Property Consultancy and i have a beautiful office as per your requirement
Me: That's great, where is it located?
Heena: Sir it’s near your desired location, in case if you can give some time i will show you the property.
Me: okay i am free after 4pm, do let me know
Heena: Great sir, i will wait for you at my office by 4pm
Me: okay fine, i will be there.
After completing my trading for the day, i left to meet Heena of Lions Property Consultancy, We met near a coffee shop, had a small chat (but only related to office requirement & my business ) After finishing the coffee she asked showed me the property. (Heena was not that good looking but had lovely eyes, she was fair but short around 5.1 ft height and a little bit fat, around 34-30-38 but she was well spoken and good communication skills) She showed me the office but i didn't like it. So i refused it on the spot
Heena: Sir, why didn't you like the office?
Me: its too small and also didn't have attached washroom
Heena, but sir in your budget this is the best option, if you can increase your budget i can show you few more offices.
Me: I don't have any issues with the budget but the office must be good, well furnished, having attached washroom and near my residence only.
Heena: okay fine sir will arrange for some other properties and get back to you soon.
Me: Fine
After that i went to my home. In evening i thought she (heena shaikh) won’t be able to show me the office as per my requirement so i called just dial (a website who provides contact numbers for any businesses) and asked details for few more Property dealers in my area. But to my surprise even Heena's Lion Consultancy was a registered member of it.  Instantly she called me
Heena: Hello Sir,
Me: Hi Heena, tell me?
Heena: Sir please give me a chance just give me a days’ time i will definitely show you good property
Me: yes it’s okay, you show me the properties if i like the one shown by you i will definitely finalize it.
Heena: yes i know sir, but try to give priority to her offices. And also requested me to check out the properties with other brokers / property dealers till i check out the other office which she has.
Me: okay fine Heena, i won’t check out other properties
Heena: Thank you sir, thanks a lot.
Me: yup, Bye.
After finishing the phone conversation i got back to my work, suddenly at the same night at around 11.30, i received a What’s app message from her (Heena) wherein she forwarded few photos of a fully furnished office as per my need. Seeing her fast service and determination towards work i was happy. Also i liked the office photos shared by her so i replied to her on what’s app messenger
Me: thanks, really appreciate your fast service
Heena: Thanks Sir,
Me: it’s a beautiful office and well-furnished office, in which premises is it located?
Heena: Sir it’s located in XYZ complex, On Main MG Road
Me: mam i told you i am not looking it in that area
Heena: i know sir but it’s a good deal and at low budget
Me: (being a bit angry) why are you so budget concern, i don’t mind sharing few extra bucks for a ideal office near my residence.
Heena: OH sorry sir, i will try to find out good office in your preferred location.
ME: ya please, but make sure it suits my requirement
Heena: yes sir i will personally do the needful tomorrow itself, sorry for the inconvenience
Me: its okay
Heena: actually i am new in this business, and most of the people whom i met are budget concerned
Me: i understand, by the way since how long are you into this business
Heena: sir i have started it just 3 months back after i got separated from my husband & in-laws
Me: OH, sorry to hear about it
Heena: It’s okay sir, it’s not your fault, instead it’s my husband’s fault who went to Dubai and settled there with a bitch leaving me all alone to survive
Me: (i was shocked, reading word like Bitch from her end, Oh, sad to know it, did your In-laws also left for Dubai?
Heena: No sir, actually my In-laws are here only but they asked me to leave the house as my husband got settled there in Dubai with a new wife. Also i couldn’t give them any grandson even after 3 years of marriage they asked me to leave.
Me: why don't you file a complaint against all of them?
Heena: sir in our religion a man can marry 4 ladies and can keep or stay with all of them at a time.  So it’s of no use spending money in court-case and all.
Me: hmm, i understand
Heena: so now i have to manage my livelihood myself only.
Me: So do you stay with you parents, don't they support you?
Heena: No my parents stay in a village and also they are poor, so i don't want to bother them.
Me: okay, so where do you stay?
(Now i was feeling sad for heena shaikh, i was thinking she is a poor lady who is leaving alone and managing her life. Somewhere in my mind i was thinking that i will wait but will take a property through her estate agency only.)
Heena: Sir i stay in ABC premises and manage my business from the same place where i stay.
Me: that’s great, hope you do well and buy your apartment soon
Heena: thanks sir, but right now the situation for is difficult, since last 3 months i could close only 1 deal and i am not able to even give the rent of my apartment. i really need money to manage my day to day expenses as well.
Me: well it happens as your new in the business, i am sure slowly and steadily you will increase your business
Heena: yes sir i am trying hard for it, and that is why i requested you to please give me a chance to close your deal.
Me: Don’t worry i will wait, show me good properties as per my requirement.
Heena: thanks sir. i will definitely find it and show it you soon, i have also forwarded your requirement in our real estate members group.
Me: sounds nice.
Heena: i am sure i will fix your deal in this week itself, as even i need the commission money to pay my rent and manage my expenses.
Me: Don’t you any savings or didn't you get any alimony from your husband after separation?
Heena: No sir, he has not divorced me legally, i am still his wife. He can still come to meet me, stay with me, and fuck me and all
Me: (i was shocked reading fuck me word from her) then doesn't it mean that you are his responsibility and he should take care of all your needs financially?
Heena: Yes morally it is his duty but now as he is not in India i can’t do anything to him, also as i told you earlier i am not able to give him a child, he won’t give a dam to me.
Me: didn’t you show to any doctor and try to find a solution for it?
Heena: we showed sir but to be honest there is a problem in me and that’s why i can’t be a mother in my entire life.
Me: ohh that’s sad. why don’t you divorce him and  get married again, after all you are young, how will you be able to live and manage your life all alone?
Heena: Sir i have applied for divorced last month itself but who will marry a person who can’t give birth to child? but still i am searching for it...
Me: i understand, it’s difficult to get such a partner
Heena: yes, though i got one but...
Me: but what?
Heena: nothing sir, you might get bored in my story also its getting late almost 1.20 am, you must be feeling sleepy nah?
Me:  na it’s okay, tomorrow is Saturday so i am free.
Heena: oh great sir. actually i had registered myself in our religions matrimony website, in which i clearly mentioned that i am separated and can’t give birth to a child. Still i got 2 offers
Me: wow that is nice, then what is stopping you?
Honey: well they both are quiet rich but old in age, i am 27 whereas they are 45+, i am not sure if they can keep me happy
Me: mam, living happy is up to us, also you need a life partner that is important.
Heena: i agree sir, 1 out of 2 proposal is of 48years man whose son is bigger then my age, and second proposal is of a man who is 45years and has 2 son of 12 and 15years, he can make my life really happy but i am not sure if they can satisfy me in bed or not. After all even i am a human sir and even i have desires and need satisfaction.
Me: (didn’t know what to say on this situation) yes true, even that is important.
Heena: Earlier my husband use to fuck me almost daily, but this person (new hubby) has a wife, So seeing his age i am not sure if he can’t keep both of us happy in bed.
Me: (Now it was high time for me, i thought if she is giving me all clear hints why not to take a chance, so i asked her) so how are you managing your desires now? 
Heena: Just controlling it somehow, after all what can i do all alone.
Me: (being hot with the conversation, i tried to be more naughty with her now) there are many ways to be self-satisfied.
Heena: yes sir but real sex can’t be replace with anything specially when u have been fucked almost on daily basis for 3years
Me: ya true but still
Heena: what about you sir, are you married?
Me: no i am single
Heena: why so?
Me: i am just 24years, will marry after few years
Heena: don’t you feel like doing sex?
Me: off course i feel and i do sex
Heena: with whom? Girl friend or Prostitutes?
Me: (can’t tell her that i fuck my mom and maid to satisfy myself) yes both... actually i used to fuck my girlfriend a lot earlier but she got married last year so managing it with escorts .
Heena: aren’t call girls risky?
Me: well they are but i have sex with a good level of escorts who work only in limited network
Heena: okay, so are they better then you ex-girlfriend?
Me: no way, after all paid is paid, cant get a girlfriend experience by paid escorts. But yes the only thing is that i can get new girls every time also no strings are attached, so i use them for my desires and the matter is finished.
Heena: so you like new bees every time?
Me: well not like that but now as i don't have a girlfriend i need to get satisfied some or the way.
Heena: what kind of girls you like?
Me: Well depends on the mood, sometime i like college girls sometimes i prefer middle aged ladies.
Heena: so you even like married ladies?
Me: yes if they are hot looking, i don't mind giving them a try.
Heena: nice, how much you them sir?
Me: well it depends on their looks and all:
Heena: But still, maybe if someone is looking like me, how much will you pay?
Me: (i was really hard by now and wanted her below me now) well frankly i didn’t admire you much from that angle.
Heena: oh come on sir, tell me?
Me: why don’t you send me some of your hot photos?
Heena: Well i don’t have much hot photos but still i will share few snaps
Me: Okay
After around 2-3 minutes i received 4-5 photos of her out of which i like one in which she was wearing a white tight chuddar / Punjabi which had deep cut near cleavage.
Me(replying to the photo i liked): well you look hot in this pic
Heena: thankyou sir, its last years Eid Photo
Me: its a good one, your eyes looking beautiful in it.
Heena: thank you
Me: send me some more hot photos of you.
Heena: what will you just checking my hot and naked photos?
me: (she understood that i wanted to see her naked photos) my lil brother is giving a salute to your beauty and is eager to see the rest.
heena: ask your lil brother to have patience, he may get a chance to salute and also do parade with me
me: oh is it
heena: yes, if you want it could be possible.
me: i am not a fool to miss the chance
heena: lovely dear
me: (for the first time instead of sir she mentioned me as dear) so when can i get to see the real beauty?
heena: well dear, i have never done this before as i am not a prostitute, i have been fucked only by my husband after marriage and twice by my boyfriend before marriage, i am not sure if i can satisfy you or not
Me:well i am not considering you as a escort or a call girl, i understand that you are in need of money because of your family problem.
Heena: yes exactly, also i want you to keep this as a secret only between us and not to share about it to anyone else
me: yes don't worry
heena: well then i am all yours, i will try to give you my best and a good girlfriend experience
me: in that case i will make sure i will provide you with sufficient money, which will be enough to manage all your basic monthly  expenses.
Heena: sounds nice proposal, if you are serious and help me with rs.25000 per month at least till i get settled in business or married again,  i will be all yours, you can do whatever with me like a husband
me: don't worry i will give you 30000 per month, just make sure i don’t want any strings attached to it later on, also i wont be able to marry you in future
heena: i understand dear, i know you are a Hindu and i am Muslim, also you are younger then me, so i wont force you to marry me and all. all i want you to do is satisfy me by money and also in bed.
me: sure, hope will be able to satisfy a hot babe like you.
heena: i am sure you will. just make sure you don’t tell it to anyone else please
me: dont worry dear, trust me.
heena: thanks honey. love you for your courtesy.
me: it will be my pleasure to help you dear
heena: so what is your plan for tomorrow
me: well its almost 3.30 now, so i might get ip late by 11 or 12, later i will be free and all yours.
heena: great so lets meet up by 12.30 or 1pm
me: done, but o  2 conditions
heena: what conditions now?
me: 1st condition is that you should wear the same white Punjabi dress which you wearing in the photo
heena: done and what is second condition
me: send me your naked photo now so that even my lil brother can sleep well.
heena: hahahah... i wont fulfil your 2nd wish, let your lil brother bother you whole night  burning in my desire.
Me: well in that case you get punished.
Heena: i am all yours honey, i will be your personal randi (private whore) use me as you want to fulfil your desires.
Me: sounds exciting dear. Awaiting to meet you...
Heena: yes lets catch up tomorrow at 12-12.30pm
Me: yes sure, bye for now.
Heena: yup, gn, sd, tc
Me: bye gn.
Heena : Muh Muh (kissing smiles)
i was really hard after such a beautiful what’s-app chat so masturbated thinking about her and the whole incidence, and went to bed. In morning i got up around 11.30am got fresh and then checked my mobile and was happy to receive message from her.
Heena: Good Morning
Heena: i have found 1 office as per your requirement, i am arranging for the keys and can show it you after 4 pm today.
Heena: Ping me once you get-up, then we will decide the plan for today.
Even i was eager to meet and screw her so messaged her.
Me: Good Morning dear
Heena: (received a message after 5 mins) hello honey, got up?
Me: yeah
Heena: so what’s the plan now?
Me: i will be ready in half n hours’ time, u say.
Heena: well i can show you the office at 4pm, rest i am free
Me: then lets meet at 1pm near Star bucks, Mg Road, we will have lunch together and discuss the remaining plan.
Heena: sounds nice, but i thinking of going to the beauty parlour before meeting you
Me: why does a gorgeous babe like you want to go to beauty salon, you already look good.
Heena: oh, thanks for the compliment honey, but was thinking to do manicure-pedicure and also get waxed before meeting you.
Me: (being naughty and feeling hard-on again) so where all you going to do the waxing
Heena: at the same place where your little brother roam
Me: Sent a love smiley to her
Heena: but frankly i am a bit short of money to do it....so can you help me with some money
Me: (was confused if she wont run away with the money and make me a fool, so thought of pa ying her just 5-10 k bugs) ya fine but don't have the entire 30000 now, and today being Saturday even banks are closed.  But can give you 5000 now and remaining on Monday if you are okay with it.
Heena: nor problem i will just require 2-3000 for the parlour, rest you give me as and when possible.
Me: (thinking in mind that she seems to be a genuine lady) okay then lets meet up at 1pm as decided then we will go to saloon together.
Heena: perfect, will reach there by 1 pm.
Me: okay, bye Tc.
Heena: bye, miss you honey.
Now i was feeling excited to screw her, so got ready wearing a jean, t-shirt and left to meet her in my car. while going i stopped at a chemist's shop and bought a packet of Durex condoms. Then drove to the designation at 1 pm, and to my surprise she had already reached there in the same white dress which i had asked her to be in. I got out of the car and went near her and to my surprise she not only shacked hands but also gave a small hug.
Me: hi you are looking gorgeous in this dress.
Heena: thanks, maybe i will look more beautiful without this.
Me: i am sure you will, but need to check it.
Heena: yup i am all yours
She was carrying a small bag and her purse with her. i asked her whats in the bag to which ahe said its a dress for night with a naughty smile. Then we had some casual chat and decided to have food in a nearby restaurant. In restaurant she sat opposite to me while having lunch, and sometimes in the middle of lunch she started rubbing her feet on my legs trying to arouse me but i couldn't do it as i was wearing shoes. After having our lunch we left and went to a nearby unisex saloon and spa. There she told the receptionist on the counter that she would like to do manicure, pedicure and bikini waxing, then the receptionist offered her a package which included all 3 + a facial, eye brows, under arms + body scrubbing and polishing at 5000 bugs, heena refused that she doesn't need all this but i asked her to do it and she accepted it. i paid on the counter and then the receptionist asked us to sit while she arranged the therapist, so we sat on the couch in waiting area.
There Heena said to me that why did i said yes for the package, it was on higher side, i replied saying because i want you to look gorgeous and sexy for tonight. she said but you don't have much cash why to spend on unwanted things today, we could have done it later on, today you will require the cash for food, drinks and hotel as well (now it was clear to me that she is ready even for drinks) to which i asked her not  to worry about it. She was now happy, in the mean while the receptionist asked her to come in another room and she left for her treatment.
While i was sitting at waiting area browsing some good hotel deals for the night the receptionist came over to me and asked if i would also like to any therapy till mam finishes her treatment, to which i refused, but she again said that mam will require time and till then i can take a facial or maybe a massage. (Saying massage she gave a naughty smile) Though i didn't had any plan for a massage, i still inquired about it to which she told me about different packages and said all these therapist will be done by Thai therapists. (Again smiling)  (Now i was interested but thought of checking her, so i said) i don't mind but what if mam inside (heena) comes to know? To which she blushed and said that mams treatment will surely take 2 hours or so, whereas i can choose a massage of 1 hour, in that case mam won’t find out  about it. (anyways i was not worried about heena knowing it as she was not my wife or a girlfriend) but still i refused saying that i will come some another time, to which the receptionist said okay with a sad smile and then i again started searching for a room tonight.
I twice went out of the salon had my cigarette and coffee but still heena was not out, finally at around 4.30 she cam out with a huge smile. i greeted her saying she is looking more beautiful now. She mummer-ed in my ear (with a naughty tone) that i have yet to see all places where the therapies are done. i said then lets go and check it out. (while walking towards the car from salon) She reminded me that we need to go to see the office premises, to which i made a sad face and said to her cant we do it Monday today i am not in that mood. To which she said okay, and called the owner and gave excuses. Finally after few minutes of call she said its done sir, we will go on Monday to check the office. (with a smile) Now we were sitting in the car and i told her lets go to Lonavala (a small hill station around 45 kms from Pune city), to which she readily accepted and we left immediately. 
In car- the music was on and we started chatting about here and there, after reaching highway i started i kept my left hand on her thigh and started rubbing it a bit, she didn't object instead kept her right hand on my head and started rubbing and playing with my hairs. slowly we both were getting a bit aroused, I started rubbing her pussy from outside her dress and even she kept her hand on my dick and rubbed it in between. In tunnel she came closed to me and gave kiss on my chick and also licked my ears a bit. while in 2nd tunnel she bent down and started rubbing and licking my dick over my pants itself, while i was pressing her ass with my left hand. I was quiet aroused by all this and wanted to fuck her then and there but somehow controlled myself. After reaching Lonavala we checked in our resort and straight away went to our room.
As we entered our room, we immediately jumped onto the bed and had a passionate kiss which lasted for more than 5 minutes. It was like we were lost in another world. i kissed her on her neck and cleavage. She started responding and gave a soft moan, “Ah”. Next, I kissed her lips softly while gently caressing her boobs over the top itself. After that, I started undoing her top while giving her a French kiss and started squeezing her boobs, and started kissing her boobs over that bra and she was like in heaven. Soon I was on top of her and started tickling over her pussy and finally pulled down her salwar (pants). Now She was left only in her bra and panties, She couldn’t control herself and pulled me down by coming on top of me. Then she started removing my shirt, jeans and finally my underwear. My dick quickly sprang into action saluting her! I still remember the smile that came on her face in shyness.
Then I laid her down on the bed and pulled down her bra and started sucking those big boobs again, this time i gave a bite on her nipple and she shouted “awwwwwww” slowly i pulled down her pantie with my teeth and she enjoyed it.
After that i came between her legs and started licking and fingering her pussy deeply. She was really aroused by this act and started making all kind of damn sexy sounds and pushing my head towards her pussy. She had an orgasm by then so she asked me to stop while breathing heavily and started to stroke my penis followed by a great blowjob. She gave a fantastic blowjob like an expert. As i was hard for her all day i ejaculated soon in her mouth, she too tasted my cum in her mouth with a smile and left for washroom for cleaning, even i got freshened-up.
Now i was on bed in my inner wear and even she joined me on bed wearing only her Bra and Panties. I asked her to get ready so that we can go to restaurant and have drinks and food. She gave me a small lip kiss and got up to get ready for the eve. Soon she was dressed in Black one-piece. Seeing her i got a hard-on again and wanted to fuck her again. I complimented her on sexy looks and dress followed by a small kisses.
Then we left our room to grab drinks in our resorts restaurant. We took a seat ordered our drinks and started chatting about here and there. While we were in restaurant she received a call from her roommate, i heard her saying that she is having great time with me and all. I asked Heena about her roommate to which she said that her name is Nadia Khan and she stays alone in Pune with her while her parents stay in a village near Nashik. She also said that she works as a tele caller in Construction Company, she also told me that Nadia sometimes helps her in giving leads and all. I inquired if she was married to which Heena replied saying she is married and also has 1 kid but the kid stays in Hostel for education purpose while her husband is working in Hyderabad as a driver. Then i asked her to show me her pic to which she said why you need a photo, i will arrange your meeting with her once we go back to Pune. (And started laughing).
We both had good chats with lots of drinks and then decided to go in room and continue with the booze, so asked the waiter to send our food and drinks to our room and left the restaurant. While going towards our room she requested me to take some pics of her in resort, she also took our selfies (in one selfies she gave me a lip kiss as well). while we entered our resorts lobby she started sending the pics to her roommate, i was seeing there chats, she also shared our kissing pic with her to which her roommate commented,
Nadia : wow heena, seems like you got a lottery. He is such a young boy (as i was only 24 while they both were around 30)
Heena: yes he is young but completely naughty and sexy.
Nadia : your enjoying with him there and i am sitting all alone in room.
Heena: want to join us?
Nadia: i don't mind but will he be able to handle 2 beauties together (Nadia didn't knew that even i was  reading the chat)
Heena: (giving me a sexy look and smile) let’s give a try. I am sure he can satisfy us
Nadia: so sure huh, how big is his dick.
(by now we reached our room, and even the waiter had come up with the drinks and food, the waiter kept the drinks and food on the table and left, while i locked the door and sat on the chair making another drink, Heena sat on my lap showing me her chat with Nadia)
Heena: Big enough to satisfy your needs and better than your tiny finger.
Nadia: i am feeling horny, by the way where is he?
Heena: (lying to her) he is on the call
Nadia: is he reliable, did he gave you the money for paying rent?
Heena: (again Lying) yes he gave me 20000 bugs also paid for beauty treatments
Nadia: wow, Interesting.
Heena: Seriously, wait i will show you.
(With this she clicked few selfies of her under arms, face and forwarded it to her)
Nadia: stop making me jealous.
Heena: don't worry, i will ask him to even sponsor for your treatment (she looked at me with a puzzled face if i will pay her or not, to which i grabbed her boobs and said yes)
Nadia: will he really do it?
Heena: why not, if you are ready to fuck with me him whenever he wants he will definitely pay you?
Nadia: yes but you are separated while i have a husband, what if anyone comes to know about it?
Heena: (lying to her) See i know him since past 1 year but he never took advantage of my situation, instead he is helping me by satisfying my needs in bed as well as by helping me with money. I am sure if i tell him about you he will help you out as well.
(To which i asked her what her story is about, while chatting she told me that her husband is 15 years elder to her and she is his 3rd wife, though he pays her rent and money every month he cannot keep her satisfied in bed for long time. Also now he has shifted back to Hyderabad and comes to Pune in and around 2 or 3 months and that to just for 2-3 days)
Nadia: well lets see how it works
Heena: hey bye, he is coming here.
Nadia: bye
With this she stopped chatting with nadia while giving a kiss and said to me that i am a lucky chap and have a chance to fuck her soon.
Me: are you sure she will allow me to fuck her
Heena: don't worry about that, i will make sure she does everything you say.
(i started pressing her boobs hard while with second hand i gave her a drag of cigarette which i was smoking.)
Me: well let me at-least see her.
Heena: what will you do seeing her with dress, have some patience i will make sure she is naked for you.
Me: (Caressing her pussy over the skirt) i know you will do it but still i want to see her.
Heena: (while adjusting her ass on my dick) seems like your Johnny wants to give her salute today itself.
Me: No my lil brother is giving a salute for your love my dear.
And with this she started moving her ass on my hard dick while gasping the entire drink which i made for her.  she got up and turned towards me and gave me a french kiss while i grabbed her towards me and started playing with her back. i removed the chain of her dress and started to suck her nipples which were already hard. I sucked her boobs for sometime and took her on the bed, she immediately took off all my clothes and asked me to insert  my hard dick in her. I wore a condom (which i had bought with me) and started stroking her pussy. After some time I changed her position to doggy style and entered her vagina from behind. She was in pain as I was giving huge powerful jerks. To surprise her, I put some saliva on my thumb and started inserting my thumb finger her asshole at the same time. She was in so much pain but was happy too with my double penetration.
After some time, I pulled my dick out from her pussy and entered it into her ass. Now she started screaming like hell but was enjoying the act to the fullest. Her sounds were encouraging me to fuck her ass even faster and cummed in her ass itself. This time we both slept on the bed naked itself for some time.
Then she got up and made a drink and came back to me on bed. (she did not even cleaned herself nor did i) She started asking me do i like threesome and all kinky things while playing with my Johnny, which made my dick erect again. She then took a condom from the packet and took my dick in mouth trying to make it more harder, to which i asked her to wait as i cant pump her. To which she smiled and came on top of me and started jumping up and down on my dick while I was pressing and squeezing her boobs. She was kissing me in between. Then I took the side pose by lifting her leg in the air and gave quick jerks. To be very honest in spite of stroking and fucking her  i was not able to ejaculate so she took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. Soon I ejaculated and my cum was spread across her mouth and boobs. She licked my penis with her mouth and left to clean herself while i was lying on the bed itself as i was exhausted.
Once she came out from the washroom she said that she wants to have a bath in bathtub tomorrow morning to which i smiled and said want to have bath or get fucked in bathtub. To which she said i am all yours fuck me whenever and wherever you want but right now i am feeling hungry come lets have some food. I got up from bed made a drink while she arranged for the plates. We both a peg from the same glass while eating our dinner. After dinner i cleaned myself and then we both slept on the bed naked curdling each other.
In morning when i got up she was not in room, i heard her voice (singing) in bathroom, i got up from the bed and lit a cigarette and ordered 2 coffees for us. Meanwhile she came out wearing her night dress and gave me kiss and inquired how was i sleep and all. Then i went to washroom to get fresh, i saw that she had kept the tap of the hot water on, so that the bath tub is filled with hot water for us to bath. Meanwhile the waiter came with our coffee and left, so i came out only on my boxers, we had our coffee and then she lit a cigarette and asked me to follow her inside the bathroom.
I followed her inside, she then handed me the cigarette and started removing her night dress (she was not wearing anything beneath it) she got completely naked and then started removing my boxer as well. (My Johnny was again in a mood to fuck her)  Then we both went inside tub bath, she sat opposite to me and started playing with my dick with her legs, while i was splashing water on her boobs and face. After some time she came near me and gave a good lip kiss changed her position, now her ass was touching my penis and i was rubbing her boobs with my hand while licking her neck. She suddenly asked me to stop and went out. (i asked her where she was going, but she didn't answer) She returned back with a smile and showed me her phone and condom packet. She kept condom packet on the edge of bathtub and joined back in bathtub, now she asked me to click her photos in bathtub (yesterday night she told me her fantasy of getting clicked with sexy dresses and naked)  i got up started clicking her photos, she gave many possess while keeping her hand on boobs, back and all. She also took few pics of us together in bathtub. Then she purposely started stroking my dick in between, i got a hard-on because of her naughty touches. She inserted a condom on my dick and i started fucking her in the bath tub, it was great fun fucking a pussy in water, but because of water i was not getting a good grip so i asked her to sit on the edge of bathtub and then started stroking her again. After i cummed she gave me a hug and we sat in water playing and fondling each other for some time. 
It was already noon by now and we both felt a bit hungry so we got out and started to get dressed. While dressing i asked her
Me: so honey had fun?
Heena: off-course yes, after long time i am satisfied. Thanks to you dear.
Me: all my pleasure honey, so want to stay here today as well or go back to Pune?
Heena: are you bored with me in just 1 day?
Me: no not all, Instead i am loving your company.
Heena: hey if you don't mind, lets enjoy here even today, as i want to enjoy more and also i have told my roommate that i will be coming on Monday morning.
Me: well I don't mind staying here tonight as it Sunday but we need to leave early morning tomorrow.
Heena: fine, (giving me a hug and a kiss)
Me: well right now lets go and have lunch i am feeling hungry.
Will update the further part of the story soon, till then please comment and give feedback to me on my Email: [email protected]

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