My Memoirs – 1. Reema George
09-05-2021, 05:15 PM,
My Memoirs – 1. Reema George
My Memoirs – 1. Reema George
A loud "Ummmh" drew my attention to the dimly lit part of the corridor near the staircase. I saw a well-built guy, back towards me and a girl pressed to the wall. Their lips were locked in a hungry encounter, the guy's right hand had sneaked up the girl's white tee shirt and was furiously squeezing her boob. I stared at the dark, sharp featured face of the girl for a second and climbed up the stairs.
That was the first time I had seen Reema George. Second year, computer science engineering student at BIT Bangalore. I never knew that day, that she will leave an indelible mark in my life.
Average, one word that describes me. I am neither a stud nor a do I have a horse rivaling appendage. I am an average man who met amazing people and had an amazing sexual journey. Reema George introduced me to sex she took my virginity.
I am Abhimanyu Reddy, Abhi, I was born in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India but grew up in Patna, Bihar due to faction rivalries in my village. My father had lost many of his relatives due to faction feuds, so he sent me to Patna, and I grew up at his younger sister's (my aunt) house.
It was the mid-nineties and I had joined BIT in Bangalore, Mechanical Engineering. Ragging was rampant at that time and as I was from Patna (though my mother tongue was Telegu) everyone thought that I was a Bihari and some Bihari seniors had called me to their flat outside the campus to rag me. I had seen Reema as I was climbing up the stairs.
It was a 3-bedroom flat and there were 2 seniors, final year, they looked at me with amusement and the next 1 hour went with me dancing, performing oral sex to a barbie doll, reading mastram (Hindi erotica) loudly with expressions and finally stripped down to my boxer shots was running across the hall like Tarzan when the door opened and there stood Reema. The guy with her was Vikas Gupta, a final year student and the 3rd resident of this flat. They both looked at me laughed loudly and went into a room and closed it.
After another hour, the 2 seniors had to go out and asked me to go when the door opened and Vikas called me "Oye come here", he was only in shorts and as I stood near the half-opened door, I saw a white bra and a tiny red panty strewn on the floor. He asked me to go down and get a pack of cigarettes. As I walked down the flat, the white bra and the skimpy red panties kept flashing through my mind, and I got the biggest hard on.
Reema George was a Malayalee from Kerala but had grown up in the Gulf. She was around five three, she was dark, I am wheatish in complexion and she was a few shades darker, but she had exceptional features. Her body was cut like a perfect 8. Firm big, rounded butt protruding from an impossibly small waist. Her boobs seemed to defy gravity and seemed to be chiseled to a perfect cone. They were always pointy like those women in cone bras in the 50s. she had a charming smile and a great personality, her face had sharp features and her lips luscious. She had met Vikas jn her first year, he was the college basketball team captain the at 6 feet 2 he stood five six inches taller than me and as her immediate senior she was totally bowled over.
As my first year passed, I started interacting a lot with Reema. Vikas used to get me to do a lot of her chores as part of ragging, she lived in the college girls’ hostel, so I was basically the butler. "Abhi give this book to Reema, Abhi take Reema for shopping, Abhi do this...”. When I went to give her the book she came down in a loose sleeveless top and shorts, as she adjusted her hair, her clean-shaven armpits were a sight to behold. Her boobs seemed to be fighting to get out of her tight top and the as she walked back her butt swayed from left to right like a rogue pendulum. When we went shopping it started raining and we got drenched and she splashed around the rain without a care. Her light blue Kameez had stick to her body and had become translucent giving me a clear vision of her beige bra. Apart from being a sex Goddess, she also had an amazing sense of humor and I fell hopelessly in love with her.
I used to hope that things wouldn’t work out between Vikas and her, but it wasn’t to be. Vikas was the perfect senior, he treated me like a friend, as he was from Patna too, and was always very good to Reema. Days went by and Vikas graduated out and moved to Patna to look after his father's factory. As soon as Reema graduated they were planning to get married. I was in second year and Reema in 3rd. I used to hang out with her as Vikas wasn’t around. This was the mid-nineties no mobiles and no internet. Then God heard my prayers. I noticed that Reema was very sad and then she stopped coming to college, her roommate told me she had gone to Kerala.
I met Reema after a month, I saw her in the library and as soon as she saw me, she hugged me. Vikas had sent a letter saying that they were breaking up as his parents were against their marriage as she was a Christian. She had been heart broken and had taken some time off.
My life changed after that, I don’t know if I was a rebound or Reema really liked me, but we started spending all the time.
 together. I used to go to her hostel every evening and we used to sit on the nearby benches and talk for hours.
"Let's go to Tumkur, we will go in the morning and come back by night “she said.
There was a handicraft fair in Tumkur (an hour and half journey from Bangalore). We took the morning bus spent the whole day there had dinner and took the 9 pm bus back. It had hardly 10 people and we were sitting in the second last seats. I had been wanting to tell Reema that I loved her for a long time but was afraid that she would reject me, and I would lose what we had. As we sat snuggled close in the bus I held her hand ,she looked at me quizzically “Reema I ,Reema I...."....I blabbered ...she gave a laugh and in a matter of fact way said "Love you".....It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened but she said" I Love you Abhi" and before I could react leaned closer and kissed me. Slowly first and then in a trance, I realized what was happening and my years of pent-up emotion burst out and I started kissing her back, my first kiss with the girl of my dreams in a back seat of a bus. The dam was broken after that, every day we used to kiss, behind bushes in dark corners, empty classrooms.
It was my birthday and Reema said She had a surprise gift for me, Internet cafes had mushroomed around college, and she took me to new cafe, it had closed enclosures to surf the net. Once inside Reema and I started kissing. She was wearing a black shirt with buttons in front and a pair of skintight jeans. As she kissed me, she started unbuttoning her shirt and I couldn’t believe my eyes she wasn’t wearing a bra inside. Her breasts were 3 shades fairer than her face and they were pointed. Her nipples were jet black and erect. the areola around her nipples was a shade lighter and before I could continue to admire them more, she stood up and guided my mouth to her right nipple. I grabbed her breast with my right hand (my left palm engulfing her left boob) and brought my mouth to her nipple and started sucking like no tomorrow.  Rema straddled herself on me and started rubbing her pubic region to my erect member. I kept sucking and pressing her boobs and she kept grinding till I couldn’t take it anymore and came like a torrent in my pants. Reema saw my flushed face and burst out laughing "Need a lot of practice"...
We did a lot of practice in the internet cafe but as we didn’t have a separate room, we couldn’t do anything further than dry humping. Things changed once Reema was in her final year, she had to do a project for 4 months in a company which was on the other side of the city, so she moved out of hostel and started staying with 2 of her seniors(girls) who were working in the same company. The pace was around 2 hours from our college. I was not able to meet her daily, e mail was in fashion so used to send her mails or yahoo chat with her from the internet cafe.
It was more than a month since I had seen Reema, I had exams and she was busy with her report submission. Then I saw a mail from her " Abhi meet me at 6 pm on Friday, I have a surprise, my roommates are going to their native places, and I have the flat al for myself" and she had given the address.
Om Friday, she opened door of her flat, she was in a sleeveless navy-blue top and an orange skirt. I grabbed her and our lips met in a passionate kiss. She closed the door behind me and led me to her bedroom and still kissing we plonked on the queen-sized bed. I pulled her top over the head, and she unfurled her skirt. She was in a white bra and her tiny red panties barely covered her. “Close your eyes" she murmured, and I obeyed,"3,2, open”. It’s been 25 years, but I still remember that moment as it was yesterday, I opened my eyes and she stood in front of me without a strand of cloth on her, naked as the day she was born, she was a goddess. Her boobs, her flat stomach and down south she was clean shaven. She said, “enjoyed the view" and turned off the light. By the time my eyes adjusted to the darkness, she was on me and In a few minutes, I was nude too. We went for each other in a frenzy, I was grabbing her boobs kissing her and fondling her amazingly tight yet supple butt. Then disaster! Reema grabbed my engorged member and started caressing it, her grip was soft at first but then it was firm, like a sheath, this was the first time for me, I was a 20 year old virgin and I had no experience bar snogging Reema and I was completely unprepared, as Reema's grip intensified Jets of semen shot out and before I knew it a switch was turned off and my medium sized member slowly shriveled into a less than medium sized member. Reema burst out laughing "You need lots of practice" and got up and stark naked walked down to the hall and came back with a couple of beers. I was beetroot red was apologizing profusely but she shhhhed me "It happens the first time." As I gulped down my beer, Reema kissed my nipples, her fingers started stroking me and then she went down and pulled my foreskin down and gave a lick to my crown. I shuddered, the licks became frequent then they became a torrent, from the base to the top. Reema took me completely in her mouth and I started growing again. Reema pushed me on the bed and said "Now I am gonna take you “. I was on my back Reema kissed me on my lips and then straddled my face, the fragrance of her pussy was overpowering and on instinct I started licking her clean-shaven mound, she was sitting on my face, and I was tongue fucking her. Juices oozed out of her, the familiar Uuumh was serenading from her mouth. Her fingers were still stroking me and just when my face was covered with her juices and I was getting a lil worried that I would drown in them, she slid down and reached for something under the pillow, I heard a ripping sound and saw a condom in her hand "You should always be prepared”. She rolled the condom on my now fully erect penis and slowly straddled me. She was on top of me and I felt the hot juices as I entered her. My hands were marauding her boobs and she was bucking me like cowboy riding a wild bull. She increased the grinding and I kept raising my hips to match her rhythm. I could feel each thrust in her vice like grip and the room was filled with her moans, I was reaching a point of no return and just as I exploded, Reema too crumpled on me in a heap. "That was amazing" she said.
In the next few month Reema and I did it whenever we could (it was quite often) in every possible position from missionary to doggy to having shower sex. From a complete newbie I became a master in sex thanks to Reema. I was also madly in love and was already dreaming of finishing my final year, getting a job, and marrying her so that I could have this for the rest of my life. Unfortunately dreams often get shattered but that is a story for another day.

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