Shruti Hassan Fucked by Director
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Heart  Shruti Hassan Fucked by Director
Shruti Hassan the daughter of legend kamal hassan.

was doing her first bold English movie

.the movie was Rated R because of its plot and story.before we started the event let me tell u about the movie.

In the whole movie Shruti just wore a Full Length Pant in one scene for only 2 mintues.

she was seen in micro mini skirt,mini dresses in the whole movie.

and the movie had 2 bed scenes and 2 gang rape scenes of Shruti Hassan.

so this Incident took place on her movie's making.

they were shooting her gang rape scene.

on that scene she was gang raped by 4 boys.

their real names r Den,Mike,Raj,and Rahul.

the dress she was wearing could even kill u.

[Image: GL100312020.jpg]

shruti was nervous.

her director asked her.

Director;Shruti r u nervous?

she replied;yep little bit.

so when she saw her 4 rapist she was amazed to c their phyik.

they all were more then 5 11.

so den came near Shruti and said;so ur the one who is going to get banged.and others started to laugh.

she said;well in the real i will kick ur ass and rip ur balls off if u dare that.and she laughed.

so after some talk they started the scene.

in that scene Shruti is on her sofa wearing the Mini dress and watching TV its about 11:30 PM.

then some rang her bell so she goes to c who is it and she opens the door and she c 4 men.

so they greet her and they say.

Mam we live near here.and we needed to talk to u for a without Hesitation she invites them in.

and they come inside and suddenly they all pushes her and took her and then raj from

behind took her hands now she could not move.and she started to scream.

Shruti;plz let me go who r u?

they say;ham teri jisam ke pujari hai.aur jaha puja kar ne aiy hai)and they all started

to laugh.then raj take her and pushes her to the sofa.

THEN CUT.the director said.

so now shruti got and seated in sofa and then the director comes and call the 4 rapist and shruti and he starts to explain the next


Director;Now u 4 know ur work.Shruti in this scene have to act like it is real u r u getting what am i saying like ur get rape in real

(and they 4 of them started to laugh Shruti ignored them she was Listening to the director.)

[Image: Shruti-Hassan_6.jpg]

so after 5 mins he said;so is it dont.

she said yes.

now the 4 of them were talking in personal.

Raj;rahul yeh scene me bada maza ayga.

Rahul;yep jitna mazah lena hai hai lelo.

and they all agreed and madded a little plan.

so the director said Start.

now Shruti started to scream.

Shruti:plz let me plz ahmmm.

then den slaped her and lied her on the sofa and he got on top of her and now other 3 of them all Surrounded her.

now den kissed her on her lips and made his hand lie on her thigh(their plan was to enjoy her body and seduce her)now he was

kissing her so badly and now raj,mike and rahul unzipped their pants and throwed them(now they were nude in the movie but they were wearing a brown under wear which was not noticalbe)

and they started carres her whole body.

den was kissing her Passionately and rubbing her thighs. and he broke the kiss.

and he lifter her dress and he unzipped his pants and he took her in Missionary position.she was screaming.

Shruti;noohhh nohh plz plz.

and he started to fuck Missionary position and he was moaning;ahhhhh.

now he was doing her.

then rahul took advantage and touched her right breast she was shocked and moved a little.

then rahul came near her mouth(as if he is making her to suck his cock)then after a while den was finished.

then raj came he started it for other 3 mins.

and after 10 mins the whole scene was over.

so now shruti got up from the sofa.

then Den came and said;did u enjoyed it shruti.

she said;well no boys lke u cant satisfy me.and she gave him a Smile.

and he to gave her a smile back.

then the director came and told them that there is another gang rape scene of her and it is hard so he wanted them to rehearse before doing it.

then den had a naughty idea and he took the scripit from the director and told that he will handle this.

and he went to shruti and said.

Den;hey shruti i know a place were we can rehearse this scene and it looks to hard to perform.

Shruti;why is it hard?

den;because it is going to be a Blind Fold Rape scene.and they had a talk so she agreed with her.and he told her to wear same dress.


Shruti arrived at were den told her to it was a Flat.and she was wearing the same Mini Dress.and mike was not there at that day.

Shruti;were is mike.

Den;well i guess he will be here soon this scene doesnt have his role.

so now before starting the scene den made a drink.and he secretly added Sex Pill.that pill was to make women she drank it and.

Shruti;so how r we gonna began it?

Den;well we will blind fold u and then will make u to bed then we will start our work.

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RE: Shruti Hassan Fucked by Director
What is the next story

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