Humdia, Hookah Slut sucks dick, Teacher
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Humdia, Hookah Slut sucks dick, Teacher
Humdia got into the Toyota Corlla, with her head wrap tighlty around her head.  Her hair was dishevled as usual, and her pretty face was slightly covered with acne.  Her driving Insructor, for 3 weeks now, looked down  at his clipboard and filled out the paper work, not looking at the girl. She knew she was safe with him; he would never try anything on her.  She was a young Muslim girl in America and her parents signed her up for driving classes with this young american man, but she knew that he would never try anything with her because he was a bit of a pussy… also she dressed down; didn’t wash her hair before she got in there, didn’t put on makeup or anything.  They would often flirt with eachother but she felt it was really harmless.  

Only one time she wondered..when he started asking about her sister.  He started asking about her one day, after he had seen her drive up in her car after their lesson.  She got out of the car and she noticed he was staring at her.  Her sister was much more attractive than her, she wore “sluttier” clothes, like tight black yoga pants and tops that showed off her tits, and cleavage..  She even had a few tattoos (that dad and mom didn’t know about of course.).  When Humdia saw him starting at her she felt a little jealous.  

Then one day he brought her up during the lesson.  He had said that he bumped into her at the local hookah/smoke shop where she was buying her e-cigarettes.  Humdia simply said “yes she smokes those, it’s very bad”...and the instructor continuted to ask quesions about her smoking and drinking habits, which she thought was very strange.  

A few days later, he told her that he had seen her at the local Hookah bar, smoking hookah.  He said that he had talked to her and said hi, and struck up a conversation.  
[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Flh4.googleusercon...eQW_vg--~C]
Humdia tried to get more information, what did they talk about, what did he do after, but he was being strangely candid…

Soon, he was gettign bored of her sister, Saheem.  She was so easy.  She was sucking his cock in his car, fucking on the beach, behind the 711 and the hookah shop and bars..she even let him fuck her in the ass on many occasions and she let him cum in her face everytime they fucked (or she swallowed him).  He even used to pull up her Hijab and shoot it in there and send her home to her father.  So the instructor got kind of bored...she just gave it up too easy, the he started to think more about Humdia.. Maybe she was a pretty wild girl after all..maybe he had missed something with her…maybe she smoked too??...[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Flh4.googleusercon...nVqpig--~C]

So that night he went home and he looked her up on the internet.  He found her Facebook and instagram and found this picture:
[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Flh5.googleusercon...P7XTQQ--~C]

WOWWWW!!!! He was ASTONISHED!!!! So that little girl was hiding some looks under there!!! He instantly got hard and began to stroke his cock to his new found hot little harem girl.  He stroked his cock long and hard, to the thought of his little hot student, fucking around with her hotter sister in front of him for his pleaseure.
Like he was some turban wearing Harem worker...he was on fire thinking of her smoking hookah with her whore sister, and bobbbing up and down on western cocks that he brought in to be serviced (mostly his friends) and them sucking down the white american cum like it was their last meal.

He continued to stroke his cock to her facebook and instagram pictures:

[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Flh4.googleusercon...HWdCAg--~C]

Wow what a wild little slut!...

The next day, Humdia had cancelled her lesson with him.  This was very unusual of her .. he wondered if everything was ok..  He was thinking about her all day, he could not get her out of his mind.  So he decided to drive by her house at night.  It was 8 o’clock and he creeped down her street slowly , looking for her front door. In the distance as he got closer, he saw something hunched over, on the sidewalk.  As he got closer , he saw it looked like a person...hunched over, sitting amongst the garbage can and trash bags that were on the sidewalk.  As he got closer his heart jumped, as he noticed it was a girl!!!  He couldn’t believe his eyes..there was a beautiful girl sitting out in the trash on the side of the street!  Then he looked up to see the number, 601...Humdia’s house number!!  He looked at the girl on the street, she had a hijab on and she was dressed rather provacatively.  As she looked in to the car, he saw her eyes and her was dolled up with lots of makeup, eye shadow and lipstick...but here was not doubt.. It was Humdia.

He stopped the car and rolled down the window.  “Humdia??”  “is that you”

She was crying a little.  Sniffling, she noticed his face and said, “yes, it’s me…”

“What happened??!”  Are you OK??

She sniffed a bit, and looked down at the ground in shame.  

“My father threw me out” she said.  Still looking at the ground

“He threw you out??  What do you mean?”

“I mean he threw me to the curb.  Literally.  He pulled me out by my hair and threw me out with the trash, to rot, or sit here, or be picked up like the rest of the trash.  He told that I was “Trash” and that’s where I belonged and that I was no longer welcome in this family.”

“Why??  What did you do??”

“I was going out to the hookah longue with my sister..and I dressed up a bit.. He came in my room, barged the door down, and saw me putting on my lipstick.  He then brought out my hookah, and threw it on the bed.  “Whore!!” he said”

“Oh my God”, the turned on instructor said…

“Yeah, then he pulled out a pack of cigarttes that I though I had thrown out well..and threw them on the bed, and then….he pulled out a didlo..and spit on it, right on my bed...I swear it wasn’t mine, it was my sisters!!  But he wouldn’t listen to me..”

“Wow..then what happened..”

“Then he told me that I was a disgrace to this family.  Playing with my pussy like a harlot. Dressing up and acting like a skanky tramp.  Smoking behind his back, and God knows what else.  And to top it off, this was Ramamadan.  So it a very great sin, to do what I did..he then started accusing me of all kinds of crazy stuff, like sucking off boys, and men, and sucking my teachers for grades, cuz I have never been very smart and recently I had gotten many good grades…”

“Well, did you??”...

“That’s besides the point!!!!” Humdia yelled.

“Ok, yes ur right, I’m sorry, go on”

Humdia then lowered her head and cried.  She said her daddy then took her by her hair and forced her to bend over his lap..he pulled down her pants , left her panties on and spanked her ass harder than he ever had… she had been spanked in the past; mostly as a kid, for being naughty and talking back, one time for coloring on the wall, and she didn’t mind so much, but this time it was really brutal.  He was really angry..she then said he took her panties and moved them aside like they were flimsy nothings, and stuck his two big fingers right into her pussy.  His fingers were so big that they were the size of like 2 cocks she said..and he abused her in that way for a while, saying things like “now I’ll give you something to cry about u little skank, now I’ll give you something to play with in your pussy.  You want to be a little slut, I’ll treat you like a little slut.” Then she broke down crying and couldn’t say anymore.

The instructor didn’t press...he knew he would hear more of the story later.

She then said he took her by her hair, and threw her out to the trash.  He said “I’m down with you you whore.  U are uselsess.  Go do what you’re best at, on the streets.”

The Instructor was astonished. He couldn’t beleive his ears.  Or his luck!!  He had a sneaking suspicion that her father had used her in other ways, perhaps fucked her...but he pushed this aside in his mind.

“Why don’t you come stay at my place tonight?  I have a nice warm bed, a seperate room, and pizza at home.”

“REally ?”” she said and brightened up.

“Yes, come on.”  She got in the car, and he drove her to his house.

A t the house he set her up in a seperate room, as a getlmean he gave her her own room, and her privacy. For a few weeks she stayed there, and he slowly started to talk to her in a friendly way, so as to try to get with her.  But unfortunately she continued to keep it at a distance.  It seemed he was put in the freind “Zone” by her.  He would say nice things to her and she would just be a bitch, saying nasty things to him,  making fun of him, and making him feel ashamed.  He continued to jerk off to her pictures, (she started posting more and more slutty ones after she left her home; she still had her phone), such as these:

[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Flh5.googleusercon...tWDNVw--~C]

This one she posted from his backyard.
And other ones such as this:
[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Flh3.googleusercon...cNsJSQ--~C][Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Flh3.googleusercon...pwxrQA--~C]

He was so hard for  her.  But she kept brushing him off.  She even started to go out with some guys he thought, and he asked her about it, but she gave him such an attitute, saying “this is my life, don’t try to run my life you little perv!” so he backed off.

He wondered why she called him a perv. But he couldnt help but think of her every night when he masterbated. And with pictures such as this one:  

And this one:

He could not help but bust a few nuts to her a night.   
One night he overheard a phone call she was having with a guy.  It was on speaker.  The guy was being such an asshole to her, not even listenting to her.  Treating her like crap.  He said “I’m coming over to pick you up.”  she said something like “I’m not ready now” and he hung up. And he heard her say “shit”.  

He then heard the bathroom door in her room shut. The shower went on. He was so horny and hot for her, that he walked into her room.  He crept in and saw her phone sitting on the bed lit up.  He tiptoed over to it and saw that it hadn’t locked yet!!.. He went threw her text messages and saw the last one from a name of “Pradeep”, and he opened the text.  This is what he saw:

[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Flh4.googleusercon...uyNWNA--~C]

So THAT is what is going on here!!!  The shower shut off, he dropped the phone and tiptoed out of the room.

10 minutes later the doorbell rang.  A big burly guy came to the door and said “is Mumdia there”.  She came running down the stair, threw her arms around him and walked out the door slamming it behing her.  

They were gone for 2 hrs. And the horny cuckhold instructor sat there all night thinknig about what they were doing.

Soon a car pulled up, and he saw Humdia smoking with her hand outside the window.  She smoked and puffed the cigarette like it was  her last , and then flicked it onto my newly mowed lawn. And blew out her last exhale.  She then rolled up the window.  I had to know what they were doing!!!

I grabbed my binoculars and saw in the woindow.  Humdia had her head down in his lap, bobbing up and down on his cock.  His head was thrown back in pure ecstacy.  He had her hair in a pony tail in his hand and he was bobbing her head up and down.  

(in the car Humdia, picks some pubes out of her teeth, as she feels a strong hand push her head back down on the hard brown cock…)

I coullnd’t see much soon, as the windows fogged up but it looked like he came, as hsi mouth opened wide and he held her head down for a few seconds and then she came up quickly and wiped her mouth.  I of course busted my nut right then and cleaned up quickly.

As she came into the house she reaked of cigarettes and her hair was disheveled.  She wiped her mouth and he saw that her lipstick was smeard, and her eyeshadow a bit runny.  He didnt know what to say..she walked up the stairs..

“Goodnight Humdia” he said..

“Fuck off asshole” was her reply.

The next night, the instructor was on her instagram.  He was seraching for her naughty pictures and he saw one guys comment about her “nude pics”.  He then messaged the guy and was sent a link to her private instagram account.  The instructor quickly created a fake account and friend reauested her.  Within 5 minutes, he was accepted!!

What he saw, shocked his eyes,  his dick got so hard then he was trembling with lust.

As he scrolled down the files, he came across something he never thought he’d see in his was a picture of her pussy:

[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Flh6.googleusercon...gSLV7g--~C]

He couldn’t believe she would display herself like that.  A good muslim girl like her.. It was like she didn’t even care.  Like she had no shame.  Like she didn’t care that she is going to hell, and doesn’t give a FUCK what the Quran says, she is going to do what she likes, cause this is “her life”...he then thought I understand.. This is why her father threw her out the the trash..  Her sinful slutty way had gotten to be too much for him.  So he fingered her (maybe more..) and threw her into the garbage for another man.  He didn’t blame him.  As he was thinking this he came across this picture:

[Image: mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Flh6.googleusercon...ygwHZA--~C]

Something about this picture did something to him. It shook him to his core.  It snapped something inside of him.  Here she was displaying her goods for all to see, on the interenet of all places, had accepted his request in 5 mintues and sucked off a guy who treated her like shit in the front seat of his car. As he started at her pussy, bald yet hairy and shaven, her legs spread wide with no shame, and her marvelous tits on display … he tought of what a WHORE.  She is.  A SLUT.  A SKANK.  This word kept repeating in his head :  WHORE, WHORE, WHORE.  I should have known, he thought..A cum receptacle no doubt.  A hookah smoking , cigarette sucking, cock bobbing little Whore!! That she was!! And on Ramadan!!  He had had enough.  It was time for his dick to annihilate this little whore..

To  be continued...

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