Entertainment wreatling fedration
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Entertainment wreatling fedration
HOST - I am here with PORNSTAR SENSATION SUNNY LEONE who is not only going to promote her new album, Sunny would like to ask you some questions. 

SUNNY LEONE - That's fine, anything for my fans.

HOST - You are one of the rare celebrities who doesn't have minders or body guards looking after you, aren't you scared of crazy fans.

SUNNY LEONE - Oh that would be a problem if I couldn't handle myself. But my sex appeal allows me to seduce any wannabes who have the urge for me & then if they survive that, I can kick their asses literally. No man is hard enough or tough enough to take me. But I love cuddling up to men & having my way with them.

HOST - SUNNY this is family show, may I remind you.

SUNNY LEONE - Oh I'm terribly sorry, I meant I love wearing sexy clothes & using my breasts & my crouch to face smother or straddle or toy with my stupid attackers or anyone stupid enough to confront me, is that better. 

HOST - As I said that is uncalled for. 

SUNNY LEONE - Well fuck you, it is such a shame, but I see you have a hard on sitting behind that desk & that it is huge one, how does it feel you are attracted to me, that you want me so bad, your sexual desires are now at fever pitch for me.

HOST - We will cut this interview if you persist with this uncalled for language.

SUNNY LEONE - Oh well, you tell these people my fans now that you don't want me on the show, they will turn in a savage crowd baying for your blood if you do that. So shut the fuck up & let me bring out the desires in all men & women, if they like about my sexual exploits & fighting capabilities.

SUPERMAN ( ARRIVES ON SET ) - Excuse me everyone, hold your applause, thank you. I appreciate you all & am here for another purpose. 

SUNNY LEONE - You better believe it Super chump. You are here to get your ass kicked by me. 

SUPERMAN - Excuse me MISS SUNNY, I am you to demand you stop swearing. 

SUNNY LEONE - Are you for fucking real. What you don't have any cats stuck up in trees to save you asshole.

SUPERMAN - Mind your manners or I will arrest you. 

SUNNY LEONE - You & whose army fuck wit. 

SUPERMAN - That will be enough out of you MISS SUNNY, stop or I will be forced to take you to prison for being a public nuisance. 

SUNNY LEONE - You put your hands on me & I will send you to the hospital or morgue take your pick.

SUPERMAN ( Superman - SUNNY LEONE both standing up to each other, SUNNY side on to the main camera & right of screen ) - Calm down there little lady. 

SUNNY LEONE - Did you call me little & look at your dick bulging in your tights Super creep, dare say your cock is big & you too have desires for me. But you aren't man enough for me, loser.

HOST - Hold on SUNNY LEONE, I will speak for Superman because he is a gentleman, you have no right to shame him in this manner. 

SUNNY LEONE - Well he shouldn't have rained in on my parade or stolen my moment. See it is these kinds of freaks I can handle with my body & why I don't need security or minders. 

SUPERMAN - Let me speak, you want to fight me.

SUNNY LEONE - It is the only way for you to regain your self respect, now that I have humiliated you in front of the entire world watching me. Yes me Superman & when I beat you, i will KEEP that cape as a trophy. After all you won't need it, rather recovering in hospital or when I kill you. 

SUPERMAN - You know all of you try Kryptonite, but it does not work. 

SUNNY LEONE - I don't need Kryptonite, I have something more powerful that will bring you to your knees & make you kiss me all over. 

SUPERMAN - You really are pissing me off. 

SUNNY LEONE - So Host, it is ok for him to swear. Superman name the place & time, I will be there. But make sure you have ambulance on stand by.

SUPERMAN - Ok, but where will this take place.

SUNNY LEONE - Do not care, the more then better to watch me turn you into my dominatrix plaything. 

HOST - MADISON SAQURE will be perfect setting. 

SUPERMAN - I won't even using my flying ability to defeat you. 

SUNNY LEONE - Ha, as if that'll help you. 

HOST - Ok, it's set MADISON SQUARE. SUNNY LEONE has challenged Superman to a fight.




has arrived as usual on his own accord, great way to beat the traffic. He has really been going out of his way to learn new fighting techniques he thinks he will need, just in case. 


[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSjNcPiOu8iqvxqVMMHB...DR2mDh7O44]
SUNNY LEONE  Arrives by stretch limo, as she steps out looking gorgeous for her impending bout coming up real soon. The introductions were made, as both competitors standing in Yankee Stadium with the lights on to allow every one to see what will happen.


Superman walking up to SUNNY LEONE  as he has words with her dwarfing her with his height. SUNNY LEONE  has words for him " YOU PREPARED TO KISS MY BOOTS OR DO I HAVE TO BEAT IT OUT OF YOU ". Superman laughs hysterically, then winks at her. SUNNY LEONE  rubbing her hands on the biceps of Superman whom can't help himself he embraces SUNNY LEONE  to kiss her on the neck, then lips ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, .... eight, .... nine, .... ten seconds ) as he still goes on & on, he can't help himself. Superman is now rubbing her ass, as SUNNY LEONE  kisses him with tongue every now & then. Superman playfully hoists her in the air, but it is so he can kiss her off her feet. Superman continues to kiss SUNNY LEONE  before he proceeds to lower her to the ground gently, whilst still kissing her & rubbing his hands all over her, with her inviting him to do so as she makes sure his hands are rubbing her all over her sexy body. SUNNY LEONE  has her back to the main camera. Superman is still kissing her all over, as SUNNY LEONE  allows him to do so, as she JUDO SUPLEXES Superman to the turf, as he took a tumble, as he gets up confused about what happened. SUNNY LEONE  cuddles him & kisses him as she jumped into his arms, as he is unable to control his urges for SUNNY LEONE . Superman once again kissing her for what appears forever. SUNNY LEONE  now asks to be put on the turf, he obliges. SUNNY LEONE  now LEFT & RIGHTS MIDRIFF PUNCHES Superman .... one, .... two, ..... three, ..... four, ...... five times & then SUNNY LEONE  LEFT & RIGHTS Superman to the face ... one, ....... two, ................... three, ..... four times. Superman is taken aback, as he can't understand what is happening. SUNNY LEONE  now ROUNDHOUSE KICKS Superman to the face, then SUNNY LEONE  KARATE FRONT KICKS Superman as he reached out to her whilst standing. SUNNY LEONE  now scope up Superman to hoist him above her head ONE HANDED POWER HOIST ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six seconds ) & then SUNNY LEONE  tosses Superman to the ground he is rolling end over end as he is hurting, as he is holding his rib cage. Superman is in trouble. as SUNNY LEONE  tells Superman " THE BIGGER HARD ON YOU HAVE FOR ME, THE LESS RESISTANCE YOU HAVE & MORE HUMAN LIKE FEATURE YOU HAVE, LIKE HIGHER CHANCES OF PAIN ".

Superman is getting up wearing his cape still to, as SUNNY LEONE  blocks his right hook to squeeze his fist as he sinks to one knee at the mercy of SUNNY LEONE  whom tells him lift up your chin, as he obliges as SUNNY LEONE  BOOT TOE KICKS Superman under his chin ........ once, ............ twice, .................................................. third time. Superman is left rolling around on the turf of Stadium. SUNNY LEONE  motions to Superman get up tough guy. Superman is trying as SUNNY LEONE  HIGH KICKS his face on all fours as he is rolling around in agony & a hard on. SUNNY LEONE  is now helping Superman to his feet, as she REAR STANDING CHIN LOCK Superman who is still battling with all his might, as he is weakening even further. SUNNY LEONE  now TORTURE RACKS Superman as she displays him whilst kissing him too as she applies this brutal hold on THE MAN OF STEEL SUPERMAN. SUNNY LEONE  maintains the move ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, .... eight, .... nine, .... ten, .... eleven, .... twelve, .... thirteen, .... fourteen, .... fifteen, .... sixteen, .... seventeen, .... eighteen, .... nineteen, .... twenty ) as SUNNY LEONE  BACK BREAKS Superman who is crawling along the turf with a massive stiff making him grimace in agony. SUNNY LEONE  now strolls behind him, as she tells the fans " LOOK AT SUPERMAN HE IS CRAWLING AWAY FROM ME", as SUNNY LEONE  kicks him over to MOUNTED LEFT & RIGHTS Superman lying on his cape on his back on the turf. SUNNY LEONE  delivers ....... one, ...... two, ............ three, ............ four, .............. five, ............. six, ................. seven, ............ eight, ............ nine, ..................................... ten combination blows. Superman is left trembling as he holds his face, he is bleeding from his face, he can't believe it. Superman is sitting up as SUNNY LEONE  is walking away waving to the fans.

Superman on his feet, as he demands to know what SUNNY LEONE  has done to weaken him so much, she repeats the move he comes on to her, the less resistance & tolerance he has to pain, meaning her blows are like she is landing them on a normal human. Superman is coming at her groggy as SUNNY LEONE  SPEAR TACKLES Superman to almost break him half. Superman is getting up ( taking .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five seconds ) as SUNNY LEONE  BEAR HUGS Superman, not possible what the world is watching unfolding at Stadium. SUNNY LEONE  once again kisses Superman who is now bleeding from the nose, as she has him place his hands on her ass. Superman is now BACK BREAKED by SUNNY LEONE  ................ once, .................. twice, ......................... third, ....................................... fourth time, before released. Superman now has his hands up saying no more. SUNNY LEONE  ignores it as she pulls Superman up to MULTIPLE ROUNDHOUSE KICKS his chest ..... one, ....... two, ................ three, ............ four, ............. five, ............ six, .............................. seven times. SUNNY LEONE  now HANGING SUPLEXES Superman to toss him to the turf as SUNNY LEONE  wonders over to roll Superman onto his back as she REVERSE CROUCH RUBS the face of Superman as she make shim stiffen up his dick even more, as he is screaming & fading due to it drainign his resources & powers. SUNNY LEONE  is now dominating Superman like nobody has ever done in his time on earth. Superman can't help himself, as she is now also rubbing her breasts into his chest vice versa to arouse him further & further. Superman is pleading for mercy, as SUNNY LEONE  as she is using her legs to crush Superman as he crouch is covering his face with it ( for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, .... eight, .... nine, .... ten, .... eleven, .... twelve, .... thirteen seconds ) as he is trembling under her control. SUNNY LEONE  now stops it to get up, as she pulls up Superman whom LEFT & RIGHTS her to the body ... one, ... two, .... three times, no effect. Sunny Leone tells Superman ' OH I FORGET TO TELL YOU, THE MORE YOU HARD ON FOR ME, THE MORE STRONGER I GET & DRAIN YOUR POWERS, SO I GET TO BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU, SEXY & EROTIC ISN'T IT SUPERMAN ".

Superman ' BUT HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE ". SUNNY LEONE  now BEAR HUGS Superman as he is arching his back in agony " SUPERMAN THE KISSING, LEX LUTHOR, YOU NEMIES CREATED A FORMULA TO WEAKEN YOU, NO NOT KRYPTONITE, BUT MY LIPSTICK ALLOWS ME TO DRAIN YOUR POWERS, WHILST MINE INCREASE & YOU WILL RESORT TO HUMAN TRAITS, WHILST I BECOME A SUPER VILLAINESS ". Superman bones are beginning to break, as the power of SUNNY LEONE  becomes more evident as Superman is now bleeding from the mouth, as his ribs are being broken. SUNNY LEONE  SPINE BUSTER SLAMS Superman to the turf, as SUNNY LEONE  now backs up to take a GYMNASTICS HANDSPRING DOUBLE FRONT KICKS Superman to the face, as she now pulls up Superman who is on the end of .... one, ....... two, ........ three, ....... four, ........ five, ............ six KARATE REVERSE SPIN KICKS leaving Superman to fall down to the turf. SUNNY LEONE  now demands Superman kiss her boots as he does, he is licking her boots, then sucking on the point of her boots. SUNNY LEONE  tells him to stop, Superman now reverted to human attributes. SUNNY LEONE  holds his hold & then snaps his neck to leave Superman out cold. Superman isn't killed, but left in his own pool of blood. SUNNY LEONE  leaves the stadium to gasps & wild shock, as SUNNY LEONE now has flown having acquired the powers of Superman to then from the top of the light tower ELBOW DROP [Image: tumblr_ou0l10rR721rumiojo2_500.gifv]   ON Superman CHEST all the way on the turf, to end him, he is being checked by doctor on scene, who holds the THUMBS DOWN SIGNAL, as SUPERMAN IS DEAD.

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Team pain
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcR69u85OCTTZnzN4oNDY...OgGerF4_By]

Big show & mark henry


[Image: 01.jpg]


PRIYA RAI in a 1-2 Survivor Tag Match meaning she will need to pin or submit both wrestlers before she is able to claim victory. is to commence things this powerhouse as he moves about the ring to weigh up PRIYA RAI who moves about the ring oozes sex appeal. PRIYA RAI ( with her back to the top right of screen corner ) KARATE OPEN HAND LEFT & RIGHT PALMS Big show … once, …. Twice, …. Third time, until Big show ONE HAND CHOKE SLAMS PRIYA RAI just like that to demonstrate what she is up against. PRIYA RAI gets up a little sore shaking it off. Big show standing well over 7 ft 3 is something else, as PRIYA RAI ( with her back to the right of screen ) lunges at Big show who BIG BOOTS her to the face, then as she rebounds off the ropes ( right of screen ) PRIYA RAI SPRINGBOARD SHINING WIZARD KICKS Big show to the throat as he felt that one, he is staggering away holding his throat. PRIYA RAI from behind follows Big show as PRIYA RAI TORTURE RACKS Big show who waves his arms about, as mark henry RUNNING DOUBLE DROP KICKS PRIYA RAI to her midsection to force her to lose balance & thus Big show ends up landing on top of her to really add more hurt to her. Big show rolls off PRIYA RAI to get his feet, as mark henry returned to his corner ( bottom right of screen corner) as he waits for his legal tag this time. 

PRIYA RAI is hurting but stands up only to see mark henry has tagged in as they move about the ring with mark henry having a lot to say. PRIYA RAI tells him “ Admit it mark henry you love my breast & can’t wait to feel them rub up against your body “, as mark henry rushes at PRIYA RAI ( with her back near the top left of screen corner ) as mark henry sprints at her only for PRIYA RAI to keep her nerve & TWIRL BACK BREAK RELEASES mark henry to leave him clutching at his lower back. PRIYA RAI applies a follow up REAR CHIN LOCK as he finger painted long nails dig into his skin on his face. PRIYA RAI stretching his neck muscles back as far as she can in the process to make mark henry struggle but he counters to BACKROLL into a BACK KICKS PRIYA RAI to her chest as he countered superbly. mark henry pulls PRIYA RAI to her feet to walk her to the corner ( top left of screen ) as mark henry KNIFE EDGE CHOPS into a JUDO CHOPS PRIYA RAI whom is under siege from this barrage. mark henry leans into PRIYA RAI as he prepares to Irish Whip her, however PRIYA RAI has other ideas as she KNEE his manhood … one, … two times, as tip toes away in pain.

PRIYA RAI from behind grabs mark henry roughly by his hair to bring him to walk him to the corner ( top left of screen ) a short distance away & being to ram his face into the top turnbuckle pad ... one, … two, …. Three, …… four, ……. Five, ….. six, ……. Seven, …. Eight times all up, then PRIYA RAI BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX SLAMS mark henry to leave him on the canvass. PRIYA RAI now KNEELING SHIN CHOKES mark henry whose legs are thrashing about as the referee warns her about the illegal tactic & now applies a 5 count, …. One, …. Two, …. Three count, until she breaks it & KNEELING READ CHIN LOCKS mark henry as she sits him up against her sexy body as she works him over with this hold as he battles & grapples to break it, but not with much success it must be said. PRIYA RAI slowly beings to release him, as Big show threatens to illegally enter the ring. PRIYA RAI pulls up mark henry to scope him into the air like a rag doll & PRIYA RAI ( with her back to the far side of the ring ) SHOULDER BREAKS into a PUMP HANDLE POWERSLAM PIN. 

PRIYA RAI releases mark henry & gets off him, just as Big show entered to intervene. PRIYA RAI pulls up mark henry as she SNAP SUPLEX him to leave him on the canvass near the ropes ( far side of the ring ). PRIYA RAI places the right leg of mark henry draping it on the bottom rope, then PRIYA RAI DROP DOWN on the leg as she rolls around the canvass clutching his right knee. PRIYA RAI takes her time hands on hips as she smirks whilst mark henry is grimacing at his latest problem. PRIYA RAI pulls up mark henry as PRIYA RAI scopes him up & then walks across to his partner’s corner & PRIYA RAI BODY SLAMS mark henry to the canvass in the corner ( bottom right of screen corner ), as she motions to Big show & then tells him “ Come on, you want a piece of this hot body, come get some “. Big show obliges as he tags in, PRIYA RAI & Big show move about the ring as they lock up in the middle in the of the ring. PRIYA RAI ( with her back to the left of screen ) & Big show ( with his back to the right of screen ) as the taller, more powerful Big show is trying to use his superior height, power to great advantage, but it is PRIYA RAI who is making the inroads in this TEST OF STRENGTH LOCK as her body presses against his & PRIYA RAI begins to make the knees of Big show buckle as she is forces his arms behind him as she easily controls the lock up then forces Big show to the ropes, as he grapples to break free, but PRIYA RAI …. One, …. Two, …. Three, …. Four, …. Five VOLLEY KICKS to his face, as PRIYA RAI steps back, as Big show staggers to her & PRIYA RAI scopes him up to BODY SLAM, but no mark henry off the top turnbuckle pad FLYING CROSS BODIES her as both Big show & mark henry land on top of her.

PRIYA RAI is now left to Big show who takes his time to pull her up to her feet, as he ignores the fans booing him, then Big show KARATE SPIN KICKS her chest, then KARATE KNEE LIFTS her to the throat as a follow up to drop her like a bad habit to the canvass. PRIYA RAI tries to get up, but Big show FOREARM POUNDS her back as she is on all fours …. One, …… two, ….. three, … four times, then Big show tags in mark henry as he DIVING CHOPS her to the back of her head … one, …. Two, … three, …. Four, …. Five times. PRIYA RAI on the canvass in trouble, as mark henry pulls up PRIYA RAI by her hair then mark henry STANDING DROP KICKS PRIYA RAI to the face to send her airborne slamming against the corner ( bottom right of screen ) whereby Big show from behind REAR CHIN LOCKS her whilst on the apron, allowing mark henry BOXING BODY SHOTS PRIYA RAI … one, … two, … three, … four times, as PRIYA RAI DOUBLE HIGH KICKS mark henry who turned away for a few seconds to exchange words with the fans, then turned to cop that. PRIYA RAI now DOUBLE HIGH KICKS mark henry to the face again, whilst held by Big show . Big show ordered to release PRIYA RAI as he does so. PRIYA RAI now focuses on Steamboat as PRIYA RAI pulls up mark henry to FISHERMAN SUPLEX him ( as she had her back to the main camera ) as PRIYA RAI gets up still sore from being double teamed. 

PRIYA RAI pulls up mark henry as PRIYA RAI in the middle of the ring ( with her back to the left of screen ) BEAR HUGS mark henry as she users her breast to crush his ribs cage as mark henry head rocks back in pain, as PRIYA RAI tells mark henry “ Most men would envy your position your right now & your complaining”, as PRIYA RAI SPINE BUSTER SLAMS mark henry to the canvass leaving him out of it. PRIYA RAI pulls up mark henry who is out on his feet, as PRIYA RAI ( with her back to the top right of screen corner & side on to the right of screen ropes, very close by ) as PRIYA RAI VERTICAL SUPLEX SLAMS mark henry to follow up with a casual pin fall with her breast in his face …. One, ….two, …. Three count, as mark henry has been ELIMINATED.

Big show now steps into the ring, as PRIYA RAI pulls up mark henry to running toss him to the outside floor ( main camera ) clearing the way for them two to resume hostilities. Big show & PRIYA RAI lock up, as PRIYA RAI scopes up Big show then walks around the ring ( for …. One, .... two, …. Three, …. Four, …. Five, …. SIX, …. Seven, …. Eight, …. Nine, …. Ten seconds ) as Big show thrashes about whilst held in a TORTURE RACK,but his thrashing has subsided to the point, where PRIYA RAI is able to easily POWERSLAMS Big show to the canvass. PRIYA RAI is feeling the physical toll on her body too, but she is soldiering on. PRIYA RAI climbs to the top turnbuckle pad ( top right of screen corner ) where she takes her time to leap off to FROGSPLASH [Image: 20181010luchaunderground-tayamoonsault.gif] Big show as she knocks the wind right out of him, then covers him …. One, …. Two, …. Three count, as THE MATCH IS ALL OVER.


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RE: Entertainment wreatling fedration



[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRFt3aF_O68zviNXOBgJ...PdAnqwvmx9]


[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcQPUre_sjy804-pZy2Q7...w&usqp=CAU]

 PRIYA BINION took the open challenge issued by John Cena & of all things inside a steel cage too for the US Championship. John Cena moves about the ring trying to seize up PRIYA BINION PRIYA BINION immediately ( with her back to the main camera POWER PRESS HOISTS John Cent then displays her sexy female strength as she hurls him into the steel cage surrounding the ring. PRIYA BINION hands on hips in the middle of the ring ( whilst facing the main camera, inside the steel cage ) watches John Cena struggle to get to his feet, as he stumbles into the ring apart, as PRIYA BINION
 ONE HAND SHOVES John Cena to the corner ( top right of screen ) as he slams into the corner ( top left of screen ) as he slumps to the canvass & at the feet a the sexy PRIYA BINION. PRIYA BINION pulls up John Cent as his face brushes against her legs, then crouch, then midsection, the breasts, until he stands up. PRIYA BINION scopes up John Cena to sling him over her right shoulder then walk around the ring, as PRIYA BINION TKO’s John Cent leaving him face down on the canvass. PRIYA BINION wonders over to push a prone Cent with her boot to see whether he has any response. PRIYA BINION pulls up Cent to his feet & PRIYA BINION ( with her back to the bottom left of screen corner ) hoists John Cent high above her head to CRUCIFIX POWER BOMB John Cena bouncing him twice along the canvass until he comes to a stop from ( with her back to the right of screen to the ropes left of screen ) right across the other side of the ring, much to the delight of the fans booing Cena. 

PRIYA BINION places a casual boot on the balls of John Cent “ Come on John, I thought you’d provide a little competition, oh well. Seems like, I will need to make you my bitch “. PRIYA BINION pulls up Cent to drape him over her left shoulder to REVERSE BACK BUSTER SUBMISSION HOLDS Cena on her left shoulder as Cena is gone already. PRIYA BINION
 ( maintains the hold for …. One, …. Two, …. Three, …. Four, …. Five seconds ) until PRIYA BINION REVERSE SHOULDER BREAKS John Cena to leave him laying on the canvass in severe trouble. PRIYA BINION drops down on top of Cena to apply a VERCTIAL HEADSCISSORS on top of him as she squeezes his head between her sexy thighs, as John Cent is about to tap out, but PRIYA BINION prevents that as she released him. PRIYA BINION pulls up John Cent to his feet, as PRIYA BINION slings him over her shoulder the presses his face upside down into her crouch as PRIYA BINION [Image: tumblr_mgmwl3y9nz1qhjbxeo3_400.gifv]
 TOMBSTONE  PILEDRIVER PINS Cena with a SEXY DARKNESS KNEELING R.I.P PIN FALL as she looks around smiling with the referee counting …. One, …. Two, …. Three count, as THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER.


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RE: Entertainment wreatling fedration
If any of my friends want their favourite actress , porn stars want to destroy the WWE superstar just gave me the name I will write stories about them
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RE: Entertainment wreatling fedration

1-2 Handicapped TAG MATCH

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTYqRJAJ9Ky1GbTMwyvQ...xhpHjKdvdL]



[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSq2c-WNfw0GaHxpFgx-...RB3YXsfURi]


What an outfit SAMMYY has chosen for her match & it certainly has had a impact that is for certain. SHEAMUS wants first crack, as SAMMYY dressed for a night of romance rather then wrestling has taken to the ring in one piece swimsuit with high heels, all passing inspection by the officials allowing her to wear this outfit. SHEAMUS having words to say to SAMMYY as they move about the ring, as SAMMYY ( with her back to the top left of screen corner POWERFUL LEFT KARATE ROUNDHOUSE KICKS SHEAMUS to the face, as he is rocked to the core. SHEAMUS as a response DROP KICKS SAMMYY whom brashers it off, as she lands on the canvass, where SAMMYY uses her high heel to HEEL STOMPS SHEAMUS to his lower back then grind her high heel into his lower back making him grimaces in utter despair. SAMMYY looks at CESARO as she shows off her assets, then lets SHEAMUS go who is crawling along the canvass. SAMMYY from behind STANDING HEADLOCKS SHEAMUS on all fours who is reaching out to tag CESARO as SAMMYY squeezes her thighs whilst squeezes his face cautiously. SAMMYY maintains the hold ( for …. One, …. Two, …. Three, …. Four, …. Five, …. Six seconds ) until CESARO interferes, as SAMMYY released SHEAMUS as a result. 

SAMMYY pulls up SHEAMUS to scope him up ( as she has her back to the bottom right of screen corner ) & before she performs her move, winks at CESARO then SAMMYY POWERFUL BACKBREAKS SHEAMUS to leave him down & hurt, as he clutches the back that SAMMYY has already targeted. SAMMYY pulls up SHEAMUS to SHORT LINE CLOTHES LINES SHEAMUS to spin him through the air before he lands on his back. SAMMYY walks away to show off her body leaving SHEAMUS to try to get off the canvass. SAMMYY seeing SHEAMUS about to sit up, so SAMMYY ( starting point facing the bottom left of screen corner ) as she begins to do handsprings & in doing so SAMMYY HANDSPRING MOONSAULT SPLASHES SHEAMUS to nail the move. SAMMYY hooks his legs for the pin fall …. One, … count, as SHEAMUS KICKS OUT!. SAMMYY smiling as she applies a KNEELING SLEEPER HOLD on SHEAMUS whose arms are limp as he gets to his feet & SHEAMUS REVERSE SWINGING NECKBREAKS SAMMYY & nails the move. SHEAMUS now needs to reach his partner, however SAMMYY is up first as she pulls up SHEAMUS first then DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEX SHEAMUS to the canvass tossing him towards her corner ( top left of screen corner ).

CESARO wants in, but can only look on at the moment, as SAMMYY has SHEAMUS on his feet now SAMMYY ABDOMINAL STRETCHES SHEAMUS who is fighting it trapped near the corner ( top left of screen ) where SAMMYY BACK BREAKS SHEAMUS … once, …. Twice before releasing himSAMMYY pulls up SHEAMUS to drape him over her shoulder then SAMMYY in high heels & all RUNNING POWERSLAMS Booker T ( starting point as near as you can get to the top left of screen corner & all the way to the top right of screen corner, running side on near the far side of ring ropes ) as SAMMYY planted that move. SAMMYY covers SHEAMUS for a follow up pin fall …. One, …. Two, .. count, as SHEAMUS KICKS OUT!. SAMMYY in complete control as she pulls up SHEAMUS who is weakened by the beating he has undertaken & SAMMYY KARATE SPIN KICKS the turnbuckle pad ( top right of screen ) as SHEAMUS fell to the canvass from the pain & beating he has taken, as she cut the top turnbuckle pad with her shoe heel. SAMMYY pulls up SHEAMUS to place him top turnbuckle pad ( top right of screen ) as SAMMYY steps back then STRATUSPHERES SHEAMUS all the way from sitting preached on the top turnbuckle pad to all the way on the canvass. SAMMYY then measures him to  RUNNING SUPER KICKS [Image: DndJWh.gif] SHEAMUS to knock him out cold as she places on heels on his chest whilst shaking her body as the referee counts …. One, …. Two, …. Three count, as THE MATCH IS ALL OVER, as CESARO realized their was nothing he could do to save his tag partner SHEAMUS whom has had enough beating for one night. SAMMYY not done yet, as CESARO pleads for his partner no more please, as SAMMYY ( facing the main camera KARATE DOWNWARD HEEL STOMPS the face of SHEAMUS .... once, ....... twice, ....... third, .......... fourth, ........... fifth time, before she blows a kiss to CESARO & waves bye, bye to him, leaving SHEAMUS out cold with a hard on in the middle of the ring knocked out cold. 



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RE: Entertainment wreatling fedration


[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRfzw7_5Xu3ych5xv5I_...R0jzMMLjOH]


[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSnljbKUznrQeHZlywcS...FKGN_mZff_]


BROCK LESNER in the ring, moving about, as the divas lead 4-0 & the pressure is on BROCK LESNER to alter the nights losing streak. TEHMEENA AFZAL wants to loCk up to BROCK LESNERTEHMEENA AFZAL ( with her back to the top right of screen ) flicks her red hair back & motions come on, daring BROCK LESNER to lock up to her, as he looks around for approval. BROCK LESNER obliges as he points at her. TEHMEENA AFZAL locks up to BROCK LESNER but he has other plans as BROCK LESNER ( with his back to the main camera MULTIPLE FURY RIGHTS TEHMEENA AFZAL … once, …. Twice, …. Third time inside this steel cageBROCK LESNER then off the ropes RUNNING HIGH KNEES TEHMEENA AFZAL to knock her off her feet to the canvass. BROCK LESNER does some posing & flexing. TEHMEENA AFZAL gets to her feet, as BROCK LESNER immediately RUNNING BIG BOOTS coming off the ropes ( right of screen ) & plants TEHMEENA AFZAL sending her airborne against the corner turnbuckle ( top left of screen, from side on directly in line with the far side of the ring ropes ) & TEHMEENA AFZAL slumps against the corner ( top left of screen). BROCK LESNER comes over as he has words with TEHMEENA AFZAL, as TEHMEENA AFZAL is pulled to her feet by hair, as TEHMEENA AFZAL is scoped up & BODY SLAMMED by BROCK LESNER who gloats. 

BROCK LESNER heads towards the ropes ( main camera, inside this steel cage ) whilst TEHMEENA AFZALe gets up, a little groggy, but steady enough. BROCK LESNER comes for her as he locks up to TEHMEENA AFZAL now as he has weakened her, but TEHMEENA AFZAL ( with her back to the left of screen ) is pressing her body up against BROCK LESNER as she is holding her on ( for …. One, …. Two, …. Three, …. Four, …. Five, …. Six, …. Seven, …. Eight, …. Nine, …. Ten, …. Eleven seconds ) until TEHMEENA AFZAL gains the upper hand in this hold, then TEHMEENA AFZAL scope up BROCK LESNER to BODY SLAMS him to the canvass. TEHMEENA AFZAL pulls up BROCK LESNER to his feet, as TEHMEENA AFZAL LEFT MIDRIFF PUNCHES Hogan … one, …. Two, …. Three, …. Four, ….. five, …. Six, ….. seven time, lifting him off the canvass with each blow. BROCK LESNER in severe pain, as TEHMEENA AFZAL ( with her back to the left of screen ropes ) BELLY TO BACK FULL NELSON SLAMS BROCK LESNER to the canvass as he lay there in pain. TEHMEENA AFZAL climbs to the top turnbuckle pad ( bottom left of screen ) where TEHMEENA AFZAL PRESS MOONSAULT SPLASHES BROCK LESNER to land on top of him. TEHMEENA AFZAL pulls up BROCK LESNER who is in even bigger trouble as TEHMEENA AFZAL BACK BREAKS BROCK LESNER, but holds onto him. TEHMEENA AFZAL with her back & long black hair brushing up against the corner ( bottom left of screen corner ) is able to JUMPING KARATE BACK BREAKS BROCK LESNER, but holds onto him, yet again. 

TEHMEENA AFZAL stands up with BROCK LESNER in her arms, to MILITARY PRESS HOISTS BROCK LESNER her head, as if taking a selfie & she is doing it with ease. TEHMEENA AFZAL ( facing the far side of the ring ) MILITARY PRESS HURLS BROCK LESNER into the steel cage, as he crushes through it to the outside floor & he has escaped, as he wins the match, but TEHMEENA AFZAL comes after BROCK LESNER on the outside, as she pulls up BROCK LESNER who is pleading for mercy, as TEHMEENA AFZAL MILITARY PRESS SLAMS BROCK LESNER back into the ¾ steel cage structure still surrounding the ring, as TEHMEENA AFZAL has climbed to the top of the cage corner ( top right of screen ) where she leaps off to FROG SPLASH down on BROCK LESNER to lay him out cold even more so, if that is at all possible. TEHMEENA AFZAL not done yet, as she pulls up BROCK LESNER to ONE HANDED HOISTS him above her head, as BROCK LESNER at her mercy, is displayed & TEHMEENA AFZAL ONE HANDED TOSSES BROCK LESNER into the steel cage structure ( main camera ) & he smashes through it to land on the outside, as now the fans deeply worried about the welfare of BROCK LESNERTEHMEENA AFZAL comes after BROCK LESNER again, who has won this match, because he was the first one out of the cage, but not the way he intended it to happen. TEHMEENA AFZAL has pulled up BROCK LESNER to POWERBOMB on top of the steel steps at ringside, then wonder off, as THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER.




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I'm here with RISING PORN sensation Queen PETA JENSEN who comes UP against SETH ROLLINS in tonight's next match.


No doubt, I respect the master of the HIGH RISK , but I too pose FIGHT skills & tonight SETH ROLLINS my skills will defeat you.


So far you have gone with a 23win, whereby your opponent is on a major role as you fight for the  [b]Cruiserweight Championships[/b]


Tonight I will take his best & pin him one, .... two, .... three as I deliver my POWERFUL SUPER KICK him into next week. 


There you have it, coming is PETA JENSEN
 the challenger facing SETH ROLLINS for his Cruiserweight Championships. 

[b]Cruiserweight CHAMPIONSHIP[/b]


[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRX3lf0nsYmzwkSejVIc...78AQgJ1I8J]


[Image: seth_rollins_summerslam_2018_new_ic_cham...g7-pre.png]


SETH ROLLINS & PETA JENSEN move about the ring looking for a opening on their opponent, PETA JENSEN ( with her back to the main camera )KARATE KICKS SETH ROLLINS who sways out of the way to SPINNING KARATE CHOP PETA JENSEN to her chest, as she ducks under SETH ROLLINS attempted CLOTHES LINE PETA JENSEN with her back to the bottom right of screen corner ) SCOPE BODY SLAM SETH ROLLINS to the canvass as he gets up PETA JENSEN ARM DRUG TAKES DOWN into a STANDING SHOULDER LOCK on him on all fours, as PETA JENSEN presses her white knee high boots into his face for leverage. PETA JENSEN ( applying the hold, squatting & her back directly in line with the main camera, with in touching distance ) as she keeps him on the canvass, with this hold. SETH ROLLINS getting to his feet, as PETA JENSEN BELLY TO BACK ATOMIC DROPS SETH ROLLINS to the canvass ( as she had her back touching the main camera, near the bottom right of screen corner, when she performed the move). SETH ROLLINS on the canvass, as PETA JENSEN SLEEPER HOLDS SETH ROLLINS resting his back against her firm breast nipples. PETA JENSEN tightens the hold, as SETH ROLLINS begins to get up & then JAW BREAKERS PETA JENSEN not ..... once, ...... twice, ..... but three times, all up.

PETA JENSEN is pulled up by SETH ROLLINS who Irish whips PETA JENSEN from resting her back against the ropes, main camera all the way to the opposite side, far side of the ring ) on her return SETH ROLLINS meets her coming with a DOUBLE KARATE CHOP to her chest that upends PETA JENSEN to the canvass, as SETH ROLLINS ARM DRUG TAKESDOWN PETA JENSEN into a SHORT ARM BAR, as PETA JENSEN counters with SHORT KICKS to his face ... once, ... twice, .... third, .... fourth, ... fifth, ............... sixth time, as PETA JENSEN not only gets up but ABDOMINAL STRETCHES SETH ROLLINS as this match resembles a lot of moves & technical moves to be. PETA JENSEN
 placing pressure on SETH ROLLINS who is trapped in the middle of the ring with his arm out stretched to thin air, the ropes ( left of screen ) too far away for him. PETA JENSEN ( maintains the hold for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, ....eight seconds ) & then PETA JENSEN shoves SETH ROLLINS to the canvass to CRIPPLER CROSS FACE him as she uses her white knee high white boots to wrap around the body of SETH ROLLINS who is near the ropes this time, but still not close enough to reach ( right of screen, in front of the time keeper, near the bottom right of screen corner ).

PETA JENSEN releases SETH ROLLINS as he makes a desperate lounge & he does reach the ropes ( right of screen ) as PETA JENSEN KNEE DROPS DOWN on him in a elevated position pulling on the top rope to pull himself up. PETA JENSEN
 pulls SETH ROLLINS up & then CORNER BOOT CHOKES him as she pushes his head right back, whilst the main camera gets a great view of PETA JENSEN close up rear. SETH ROLLINS trying to reach out to PETA JENSEN but she keeps her boot firmly pressed into his throat & his hands away from reaching out to her. PETA JENSEN gets the referee issuing a count " Come on PETA, let SETH ROLLINS out of the corner, .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four count ", as she does, as the referee has a few chosen words for PETA JENSEN who now uses the rope to CHOKE SETH ROLLINS throat first into by squeezing his beck & forcing his throat into the top rope. PETA JENSEN uses the ropes to slingshot him head over heels to the canvass. PETA JENSEN strolls over her opponent the [b]Cruiserweight Champion[/b] as PETA JENSEN ( with her back to the time keeper & side to the main camera, within touching distance ) POWERFUL BODY SLAMS SETH ROLLINS to the canvass, as he rolls to the apron to avoid any more blows from PETA JENSEN.

PETA JENSEN backs off as SETH ROLLINS regroups ( near side of the main camera, on the outside floor ) as the fans inside Madison Square Gardens lapping up the action. PETA JENSEN" Come back SETH let me rub my body against you, whilst I pin you .... one, .... two, .... three & take your championship from you "SETH ROLLINS been in wrestling a long time, not about to fall for a rookie taunt. SETH ROLLINS kept his cool & ( regrouped for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five seconds) before he re-entered the fry. SETH ROLLINS & PETA JENSEN lock up in the middle of the ring, as PETA JENSEN SCOPE BODY SLAMS SETH ROLLINS whilst standing in a dominate V stance, showing her curves ( as she had her back to the main camera & was near the far side of the ring ropes ). PETA JENSEN allows SETH ROLLINS to get up & as he leans with his back against the corner ( top right of screen ) he lashes out at PETA JENSEN coming for him to her midriff .... one, .... two, .... three, ...... four, .... five times, to make some room for himself & then SETH ROLLINS RUNNING CLOTHES LINES KNOCKSDOWN PETA JENSEN & SETH ROLLINS ends up falling beside her on the canvass. 

The fans making an electric atmosphere you can cut with the knife, as the two wrestlers get to their feet, the fans chant ' SETH, ..... SETH, ....... SETH, ....... SETH, ...... SETH', as many men chant ' PETA, ..... PETA, ...... PETA, ..... PETA, ....... PETA ", as both wrestlers get to their feet feeling the adrenalin surge the fans are feeding them with chanting their respective names. PETA JENSEN
 is up first, but walks into a JUDO CHOP from SETH ROLLINS ( side on to the top right of screen corner, whilst he faces the commentators ) as he unloads ... one, .... two, .... three blows, as SETH ROLLINS cops a HIGH KICKS from PETA JENSEN
 after she temporarily showed off her nipples to him to gain an advantage over the startled SETH ROLLINS, as he ended up against the corner as a result of being rattled by the kick & what he saw. PETA JENSEN then ASS ASSAULTS SETH ROLLINS midriff as she ASS STINKS his midriff & then the face of SETH ROLLINS, as he slumps to an sitting up position in the corner ( top right of screen corner ). PETA JENSEN that rattles him, as PETA JENSEN scopes up SETH ROLLINS to TREE OF WOES SETH ROLLINS dangling him by his legs from the top turnbuckle pad ( top right of screen ). PETA JENSEN then BOOT CHOKES SETH ROLLINS, as he is choking upside in this hold. SETH ROLLINS is released, as PETA JENSEN watches SETH ROLLINS upend himself & fall to the canvass. 

SETH ROLLINS is in severe trouble as he looks up to see PETA JENSEN pull him up to his feet & the PETA JENSEN( with her back to the far bottom left of screen corner ) DELAYED VERTICAL SUPLEX HOISTS SETH ROLLINS as she walks away from the corner ( top right of screen corner to stand directly front on to the main camera ) as it captures her hair flowing whilst she has the [b]Cruiserweight Champion[/b] SETH ROLLINS ( up in this hold for another .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, ... eight, .... nine, .... ten seconds ) then PETA JENSEN FORWARD SUPLEX SETH ROLLINS as she approached the ropes ( main camera ) to SLINGSHOT SUPLEX SLAM SETH ROLLINS into those ropes, so PETA JENSEN could deliver that SLINGSHOT SUPLEX SLAM to the canvass & then she covers his face using a cross body pin with double hooked legs for leverage .... one, .... two, .. count, as SETH ROLLINS KICKS OUTPETA JENSEN decides it time to end this match, as she REVERSE GRAPEVINE HEADSCISSORS him as her breast nipples rest on the hard on of SETH ROLLINS in his tights, as he reaches out & uses both legs to touch the bottom rope ( main camera ). 

PETA JENSEN pulls up SETH ROLLINS who gets IRISH WHIPPED to the ropes, no Steamboat counters to MODIFIED NECK BREAK PETA JENSEN& then he gets up clearing his head as SETH ROLLINS RAPID JUDO CHOPS to the chest & throat of PETA JENSEN coming at him .... one, .. two, .... three, .... four, ... five, .... six, ... seven times backing her away from the corner, as SETH ROLLINS ( coming from the bottom right of screen corner & running side on to the main camera ) inflicts a RUNNING DROP KICKS the air as PETA JENSEN swayed out of harms way as SETH ROLLINS lands on the canvass winded. PETA JENSEN
 in a V STANCE pulls up the exhausted champion to his feet, as he literally leans into her. PETA JENSEN then KARATE UPPER CUTS him as SETH ROLLINS is on rubbery legs, as he drops down to one knee. PETA JENSEN( waits for .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four seconds ) in a sexy karate stance as she prepares to measure SETH ROLLINS who gets to his feet, but his bent over unaware of where PETA JENSEN is as she moves in & PETA JENSENwith her back to the commentators ) EXTENDED KARATE HIGH KICKS SETH ROLLINS with massive follow through as that happens SETH ROLLINS head rocked back & he rebounds off the ropes where PETA JENSEN is in position as she POWERFUL SUPER KICKS SETH ROLLINS head almost into the cheap seats, as SETH ROLLINS is out, as PETA JENSEN drops down on top of him hooking his leg high into the air as the referee counts .... one, .... two, ... count, as SETH ROLLINS reaches out with is right boot to BREAK THE COUNTSETH ROLLINS out of instinct & nothing else, his great ring awareness & he lives to survive, as both the champion & challenger have taken a physical toll in this match up. 

This is only our second match folks out of 15 & if this is anything to go by, you better make plans to call in sick for work tomorrow, because you'll still be here at Madison Square Gardens into tomorrow. PETA JENSEN pulls up SETH ROLLINS as she POWERFUL WHIPS from ( main camera to the far side of the ring ) ropes as SETH ROLLINS returns PETA JENSEN is ready to but SETH ROLLINS counters to SPRINGBOARD FLYING CROSS BODY PIN PETA JENSEN as he hooks her legs for a pin fall .... one, .... two, ... count, as PETA JENSEN KICKS OUT. How much more can either give, as SETH ROLLINS pulls up PETA JENSEN to her feet, as he sets her up to FLOAT OVER SUPLEX her, but no PETA JENSEN counters to BRAINBUSTER SUPLEX into a PIN FALL COVER hooking the leg of a exhausted SETH ROLLINS, as PETA JENSEN drips her sweat all over him lying on top of him, .... one, .... two, .... three count, as THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER. 

What a match & what a result, as PETA JENSEN
 remains lying on top of SETH ROLLINS as they are equally out of it, as the fans give a standing ovation & god help us, if this is the beginning of what's to come. PETA JENSEN
 gets given her [b]Cruiserweight CHAMPIONSHIP BELT, [/b]as she leaves the ring to cheers, whilst she is physically exhausted from her match with SETH ROLLINS


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RE: Entertainment wreatling fedration




[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSnUtXxzKSktHC38v4CN...P0RPRb4dME][Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTIuDO0a1iHQM5rVPTwjM8...A&usqp=CAU]
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTFqVgfEPnFSPOppgrUF...8Mj3SCK0j2]


PRIYANKA KUMARI needs to defeat Big Show & Mark Henry all on her lonesome. PRIYANKA KUMARI has had some unfortunate things to say about her two opponents, so they demanded this match. No one on earth would dare contemplate this happening to Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Goldberg, but it has happened to 

PRIYANKA KUMARI moves about the ring, as her opponents discuss who'll have first crack since they don't even need to tag in. PRIYANKA KUMARI ( with her back to the main camera ) locks up to Mark Henry who wants first crack at PRIYANKA KUMARI, as PRIYANKA KUMARI SCOPE BODY SLAMS him to the canvass, after he LOW BLOW KICKED Mark Henry as hard as she could. As Big Show utters " what the fuck ", as Big Show comes at 
PRIYANKA KUMARI she LOW BLOW KICKS him to his dick & this allows PRIYANKA KUMARI to easily SCOPE BODY SLAMS Big Show to the canvass, then she kicks dirt so to speak in their faces, as she sways her hips & then begins to skip about the ring, as her two opponents pick themselves up off the canvass, one by one. PRIYANKA KUMARI then KARATE RAPID SIDE KICKS Mark Henry who is or was coming at her to his midriff & chest ... once, .... twice, .... three times, then PRIYANKA KUMARI  uses Mark Henry to SPINNING DDT him, but at the same using the momentum of that move into her other move as 
PRIYANKA KUMARI  DOUBLE FRONT KICKS Big Show to his face, as she knocks him down & SPIKE DRIVE DDT Mark henry to the canvass, at the moment PRIYANKA KUMARI well on top of proceedings. PRIYANKA KUMARI then climbs to the top turnbuckle pad ( top right of screen ) as she leaps off to EXTREME LEG DROP Big Show across his throat & what impact. PRIYANKA KUMARI then pulls up Mark Henry as she shoves him into the corner ( bottom left of screen corner ) as 
PRIYANKA KUMARI  props on the middle rope, but first she looks for recognition, she gets the fans on their feet chanting her name ' PRIYANKA, ...... PRIYANKA, ........ PRIYANKA, ......... PRIYANKA, ........... PRIYANKA  ",as PRIYANKA KUMARI seductively teasing the fans & having them eat out of the palm of her hand as she oozes sex appeal PRIYANKA KUMARI simply flicks her hair back as she measures FURY RIGHTS to the face of Mark Henry .... one, .... two, .... three, ..... four, .... five, .... six, ..... seven, ..... eight times, until Big show AVALANCHES SPLASHES 
PRIYANKA KUMARI against Mark Henry ( bottom left of screen corner ) & PRIYANKA KUMARI falls to the canvass backwards in pain as she is left curled up from the impact. 

Big Show making sure Mark Henry is ok, " I had to do something man, she was dominating us man "PRIYANKA KUMARI is pulled up nice & slowly by Big Show who SCOPES BODY SLAMS her, but no PRIYANKA KUMARI turns the move in her submission hold OCTOPUS STRETCH as Big show is screaming in pain, as Mark Henry FIST PUNCHES her to the lower back ... once, .... twice, ...... third times as PRIYANKA KUMARI releases the hold & falls to the canvass feeling her lower back. Mark Henry pulls up PRIYANKA KUMARI as he Irish Whips her to the ropes ( far side of the ring ) as she returns PRIYANKA KUMARI is furious as she POWERFUL CLOTHES LINES Mark Henry with so much force & venom it sends him back peddling into the path of Big show & they both end up on the canvass, one on top of the other. PRIYANKA KUMARI places a boot on them stacked up as the referee counts .... one, .... two count, as TEAM PAIN both KICK OUTPRIYANKA KUMARI pulls up Mark Henry who on one knee uses one hand to simply toss 
PRIYANKA KUMARI against the corner ( bottom right of screen corner ) where Big Show CORNER AVALANCHES her as she was stunned, as Big Show walks away, PRIYANKA KUMARI is hurting as Mark Henry CORNER AVALANCHES PRIYANKA KUMARI as she falls down to the canvass Big Show waits to WMD as he LEFT HOOKS her face & leaves PRIYANKA KUMARI out cold as Big Show covers her .... one, .... two, .... three count, as THIS MATCH IS ALL OVER

Team Pain celebrate their victory as if they've just won the world tag team titles, which they didn't, as they leave 
PRIYANKA KUMARI needing urgent treatment. 


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RE: Entertainment wreatling fedration





You know, Gene I am ready, RANDY ORTAN has no idea what I am capable of, my legs are dangerous, I will use my legs to crush RANDY.


SUNNY LEONE who will ALSO be FIGHT FOR title MATCH later on tonight, tells me you have learned off her & have the speed in the ring to trouble RANDY ORTAN,


My sex appeal is too much for every man, RANDY will be day dreaming whilst I lay him out with my boots, you see this boots are made for walking & they'll walk all over RANDY WITH THE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT ON MY SHOULDER


There you have it, RANDY ORTAN vs ALURA JENSON & it's coming up next.



Introducing first making her professional wrestling debut she is

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSgBxAN47_H0Yoxv3dry...BmOOsU43lJ]

. vs

Introducing her opponent coming to the ring
[Image: randy_orton_new_jacket_smackdown_live_20...atbouw.png]


RANDY ORTAN who taunted ALURA JENSON about her PORN MOVIES, has the match he wanted, as ALURA JENSON vowed a one off match, She has prepared physically & mentality for this match learning from  sunny Leone about fighting & her best friend Lisa Ann . 

'RANDY sucks, ..... RANDY sucks, ........ RANDY sucks, ....... RANDY sucks, ........ RANDY sucks, ........... RANDY sucks, ............ RANDY sucks ", can be heard as it fires him up more & more. RANDY ORTAN tosses his JACKET into the crowd & they toss it back, RANDY ORTAN tosses his Jacket to a different direction or section of the crowd here at MADISON SQUARE GARDENS & his Jacket find their way at ringside once again, so RANDY ORTAN gives it to the ring attendant & she tosses it back to him too, as RANDY ORTAN just throws his damn Jacket to the floor outside ( near the time keeper table). ALURA JENSON moving about the ring as RANDY ORTAN STANDING WAIST LOCKS ALURA JENSON ( who facing the commentators ) JUDO FLIPS RANDY ORTAN to the canvass by both his arms, as RANDY ORTAN gets up & ALURA JENSON uses her boots to LEFT CROSS KICK from left to right RANDY ORTAN to his face & then ALURA JENSON RIGHT CROSS KARATE KICKS RANDY ORTAN held up by the ropes ( right of screen ) as he drops to the canvass to the roar of the fans. ALURA JENSON allows him to get up & when he does ALURA JENSON BACK BODY DROPS RANDY ORTAN who attempted a SHOULDER BLOCK KNOCK DOWN on her. ALURA JENSON waits as RANDY ORTAN gets up to re-think his tactics. ALURA JENSON moving about the ring as RANDY ORTAN does too, as RANDY ORTAN lounges at ALURA JENSON she waits till the last second ( with her back to the main camera ) she sways out of the way & RANDY ORTAN lounges into the ropes, as ALURA JENSON back peddles as RANDY ORTAN comes for her as she keeps back peddling, as RANDY ORTAN RUNNING CLOTHES LINES ALURA JENSON but she KARATE ARM DRUG TOSSES him by that arm to the canvass & ALURA JENSON ARM BARS RANDY ORTAN on the canvass behind his back, whilst using her other arm to CHICKEN LOCK RANDY ORTAN whilst sitting on his upper back, actually kneeling on his back. RANDY ORTAN being taunted by the fans. 

ALURA JENSON releases RANDY ORTAN who gets up loosening up his arms after that little back fire in his part. ALURA JENSON & RANDY ORTAN lock up as ALURA JENSON ( with her back to the far side of the ring ) STANDING KARATE HEADLOCKS RANDY ORTAN & applying enough pressure he sinks to his knees whilst ALURA JENSON uses her breasts to press into his face to restrict his proper breathing process. ALURA JENSON gets her long blonde hair tugged on, so ALURA JENSON POPS him to the face .... once, ..... twice, ...... three, .... four, ..... five timesRANDY ORTAN drops to his knees again, as he pleads to the referee about the blow, as he now tries as he is being smothered by ALURA JENSON to grab her hair again, whilst ALURA JENSON who is using STANDING HEADLOCK on her kneeling opponent to precision ( whilst she has her back to the top left of screen corner ) RUNNING FACEBUSTERS RANDY ORTAN near the corner ( bottom right of screen corner ). ALURA JENSON pulls up RANDY ORTAN giving him no chance to regroup as ALURA JENSON KARATE CROSS BODY COMBO THIGHS RAMS his chest against the corner ( bottom right of screen ) .. one, ... two, ... three, ..... four, .... five, ...... six, ...... seven,....... eight timesALURA JENSON then CORNER BOOT STOMPS RANDY ORTAN trapped in the corner ... once, ..... twice, ........... three, ................ four, .............. five, ............................ sixth time, ALURA JENSON making sure she not only delivered the stomp but also butted out chest for as long as she could too. 

ALURA JENSON telling RANDY ORTAN " Come on RANDY, show me what your got, or I will end this match ", as RANDY ORTAN gets up & his eyes turn evil. RANDY ORTAN " Your dead bitch, I'm going to fuck you up ", as ALURA JENSON moves in & delivers a FLURRY OF RIGHT & LEFTS ... one, ...... two, ..... three, ..... four, ..... five, ..... six, ...... seven, ......... eight times, as RANDY ORTAN is busted up, but the referee steps in to separate her from RANDY ORTAN, but ALURA JENSON KARATE SIDE KICKS his face ...... once, ..................... twice, .............. third, ................. fourth time, as she paused & waited, measuring up each kick before landing it on him. RANDY ORTAN bleeding through the nose & mouth, as ALURA JENSON SPINNING REVERSE TAEKWONDO KICKS RANDY ORTAN to the face sending him staggering out of the corner & bleeding every where. EWF CHAIRMAN SHANE McMahon comes down to ring side pleading with ALURA JENSON " Please JENSON your going to destroy him ", as ALURA JENSON tells SHANE " you shouldn't send a boy to do a woman's job " as ALURA JENSON sets up RANDY ORTAN to climb to the top turnbuckle pad ( bottom right of screen ) & she glares at Shane McMahon whilst she has RANDY ORTAN draped over her shoulders " where do you want me to F U him in the ring or toss him through the time keeper table ". Shane pleading, no with his hands movement, as ALURA JENSON ATTITUDE ADJUSTS RANDY ORTAN all the way to the time keeper table on the outside smashing it to bits. RANDY ORTAN is bleeding profusely, whilst ALURA JENSON comes down the steel steps flicking her hair about. ALURA JENSON pulls up RANDY ORTAN to running ram him under the bottom rope into the ring, RANDY ORTAN lying his back coughing up blood. ALURA JENSON looks down at Shane, who tells her " Every single one of you divas will pay tonight, I will make sure each & everyone of you pay dearly for doing this to RANDY ". ALURA JENSON looks down at Shane McMahon " Eat your heart out Shane , your boy is finished ", as ALURA JENSON places a boot on his chest whilst she flicks her hair back, as if modeling & posing in victory as the referee counts .... one, .... two, .... three count, as THIS MATCH IS ALL OVERALURA JENSON lapping up the adulation of the fans as she leaves with her championship belt on her shoulder to the dressing room, whilst RANDY ORTAN is out cold, he hasn't moved & there is blood everywhere all over his face, arms, chest, biceps, the canvass as he is stretched out as a deeply concerned SHANE McMahon is crying in devastation. " RANDY can you hear me, I will make sure these bitches pay "




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RE: Entertainment wreatling fedration


The following match is a Tag Team Match, 

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRJ1Gmz0672on4YbBuvP...SALcqUtVn5]

[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRJEJ4ImS1XeBnIzUJ4_...LW-bL8f4Px]


[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTb98-pS-Nvftn-ml3dO...M95T5J00ND]


BRAY WYATT confronted LUKE HARPER  & ERIC ROWEN what happened to RANDY ORTAN in our previous match & now if these two giants lose their careers will come to an end post match.

LACY KAY SOMERS & ASHELY GRAHAM Lee both in BIKINI OUTFITS with HIGH HEELS as they ooze sex appeal, as LACY KAY SOMERS starts things up as she moves about the ring LUKE HARPER starts things for his team. LACY KAY SOMERS ( with her back to the top left of screen corner ) KARATE REVERSE SWIPE KICKS LUKE HARPER across his face as his snaps he glares at LACY KAY SOMERS motions come on big guy, as LACY KAY SOMERS locks up to LUKE HARPER & she KARATE BACK HANDS his face viciously as LUKE HARPER feels his left cheek, as LACY KAY SOMERS KARATE BACK HANDS LUKE HARPER across his face as he drops to one knee, as LACY KAY SOMERS fist cocked standing over LUKE HARPER as LACY KAY SOMERS  RAPID RIGHTS his face ... one, ... two, ... three, .... four, ...... five, .......... six timesERIC ROWEN concerned as LACY KAY SOMERS tags in ASHELY GRAHAM who KARATE HIGH KICKS LUKE HARPER under his chin as he was on his knees in the middle of the ring with no wear to go. ASHELY GRAHAM ( with her back to the top right of screen corner ) KARATE HIGH KICKS LUKE HARPER on his knees to his face as his head rocks back, whilst ASHELY GRAHAM shows off her figure to the fans as she wanders about the ring lapping up the fans chanting her name. 

ASHELY GRAHAM pulls up LUKE HARPER who is groggy on his feet, as ASHELY GRAHAM looks to the fans for approval or almost advice. ASHELY GRAHAM ( with her back to the far side of the ring ) & LUKE HARPER ( with his back directly in line with the main camera ) as ASHELY GRAHAM SCOPE UP LUKE HARPER & ( delays for .... one, .... two, .... three seconds ) & then BODY SLAMS LUKE HARPER, as ERIC ROWEN steps over the top rope into the ring & LACY KAY SOMERS on the move RUNNING ROPE CLOTHES LINES ERIC ROWEN whose back was within touching distance of the ropes ( main camera, nearer to the bottom right of screen corner ) as he is on wobbly legs as LACY KAY SOMERS returns gathering speed coming off the opposite ropes ( far side of the ring ) to ROPE CLOTHES LINE ERIC ROWEN & the blow sends ERIC ROWEN all the way to the outside where he lands heavily. Meanwhile ASHELY GRAHAM has placed LUKE HARPER in a ABDOMINAL STRETCH & he is reaching out to the camera zooming in on his facial expression as if LUKE HARPER is pleading for help. LUKE HARPER is screaming in agony, as ASHELY GRAHAM has some words for him ' Tell SHANE the divas are going no where, we will show no pity of any of you dumb enough to face us, do you hear me LUKE or I will break your arm ", as ASHELY GRAHAM Lee now applies a OCTOPUS STRETCH on LUKE HARPER as ERIC ROWEN is up on his feet but it took him some time, as LACY KAY SOMERS come casually all the way around on the outside, as LACY KAY SOMERS FURY RIGHTS ERIC ROWEN... once, ... twice, ......... third, ............ fourth time sees ERIC ROWEN crush backwards as he lands against the steels steps dislodging them in the process. LACY KAY SOMERS flicks her hair back as she heads back to her position, with a swagger in her step, whilst LUKE HARPER is screaming to the referee " Tell MISS ASHELY to stop hurting me, I tapped out, I give up, i will warm SHANE of what will happen to the fellow superstars in this show, please ASHELY GRAHAM I give, I give", as LACY KAY SOMERS is asked by ASHELY GRAHAM " Should I break his arm SWEETHEART ", as LACY KAY SOMERS respond " Break it, show them all, how superior we are ", as ASHELY GRAHAM breaks the arm of LUKE HARPER who falls to the canvass crying out in agony as ASHELY GRAHAM & LACY KAY SOMERS have a cuddle & then have a erotic kiss for the fans who love it, they are going wild, the fans as they watch LACY KAY SOMERS & ASHELY GRAHAM kiss whilst standing over LUKE HARPER for ( .... one, .... two, .... three, .... four, .... five, .... six, .... seven, .... eight, .... nine, .... ten seconds ) as both look content with kissing each other. ERIC ROWEN is in need OFFICIALS to pick him up off the steel steps on the outside & take him away, whilst the medical personal also help a disturbed & in agony LUKE HARPER



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